Instructor Certification Form for Class Projects

Instructors/faculty of research courses that includes human subject research projects are required to fill out the Course Instructor Certification Form in order to act as the IRB for class projects.  These projects would be for class credit only and the results would not be for publication or public dissemination.

A completed certification form and up-to-date proof of Human Subjects Research training (such as that provided by CITI Program) must be submitted on IRBNet. 

Find the form on IRBNet, in the Forms and Templates Library, or download the form here: Certification Form for Course Instructors/Faculty

UAA Faculty Handbook, Chapter VI: Human Subjects Research: Policy and Procedures

The majority of UAA policy and procedures regarding human subjects research can be found in the UAA Faculty Handbook, including:

  • General Ethical Principles Regarding Research with Human Subjects
  • General Procedures for Submitting an IRB Proposal
  • Levels of IRB Review
  • Instructions for the Preparation of an Informed Consent Form

IRB Noncompliance Investigation Policy

UAA's IRB Noncompliance Investigation Policy

Section R-S of the Faculty Handbook, under General Ethical Principles, states:

R. The board shall have authority to suspend or terminate approval of research that is not being conducted in accordance with the IRB's requirements or that has been associated with unexpected serious harm to subjects. Any suspension or termination of approval shall include a statement of the reasons for the Institutional Review Board's action and shall be reported promptly to the investigator and appropriate officials.
S. If a research subject registers a complaint, the investigator shall attempt to relieve the complaint by explanation or by a change of procedure. Written approval is required for procedural changes. The investigator shall seek approval from the IRB.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Regulations and Accessing Student Data

Student information that is not designated as directory information is protected under FERPA regulations. The following information is designated as directory information by UAA:

  • Names of students 
  • Dates of attendance at UAA 
  • Program/major fields of study
  • Degrees and certificates received including dates
  • Participation in officially recognized University activities
  • Academic and co-curricular awards, honors, and scholarships received and dates received
  • Weight and height of students on athletic teams
  • Students' electronic mail addresses 
  • Hometown; city and state

If you plan to collect non-directory student information such as student e-mails, grades, GPAs, or exam scores for your research, you must seek written approval from the students prior to collecting this information for your research. Even if you plan to publish the data in aggregate form, you must seek prior approval. If you plan to collect non-directory student information from students that are no longer enrolled in a course, you must seek prior approval from the University Registrar's Office.

If you have FERPA questions or if you are requesting non-directory student information, contact the University Registrar at 907-786-6190 or

Institutional Engagement

Any member of the faculty, student body, or staff who proposes to use human subjects in a research activity sponsored by the University must apply for approval from the IRB. Sponsorship includes, but is not limited to, funding, and using their University affiliation for publication or using University facilities for conducting research.

IRB Review for Students in Joint and Interdisciplinary UAA-UAF Graduate Degree Programs

Any student proposing to conduct research with human subjects to fulfill requirements in a joint or interdisciplinary UAF-UAA Master's or Ph.D. program should submit a protocol to their resident institution's IRB and submit their final IRB-approved protocol to the other campus before beginning data collection.

IRB Review for Faculty and Research Staff with Joint UAA-UAF Appointments:

In the case of research activity proposed by a faculty or staff member who holds a joint appointment at UAA and UAF, an IRB protocol should be submitted to the researcher's resident campus. Proposals with a jointly-appointed principal investigator from more than one campus may elect to submit to either the UAA or UAF IRB. While only one IRB review is required for research activity by a jointly-appointed faculty or staff member, the researcher is responsible for contacting the IRBs at both campuses at the initiation of the proposal process. If the proposed research raises any concerns above minimal risk, both institutions have the right to exercise their right to review the study. If only one IRB review is deemed necessary, the researcher must still submit a copy of their final IRB-approved protocol to the other campus