Salary & Fringe Benefits

Salary Information

Project Personnel Salary Information

University of Alaska Provisional Fringe Benefit Rates

To calculate for your faculty and other personnel:

  • Contact your Project Coordinator or Fiscal Manager to determine salaries and wages.
  • Multiply this number by 173.33 (174) hours to get your monthly salary.
  • Multiply by the number of months for which you are requesting budget.
  • Multiply this number by the correct leave benefit rate from the above table. This will calculate your "loaded salary".
  • Take your loaded salary and multiply that by the correct staff benefit rate from the above chart.
  • List the staff benefits figure on the "fringe benefit" line of your budget.

Here is an example of a faculty F9 E-Class:

$34/hr x 348 (174hrs x 2 months) x 1.103 leave rate = $13,051 loaded salary
$13,051 x 0.311 benefit rate = $4,059 in benefits
$13,051 loaded salary + $4,059 benefits = $17,110 total project salary

Salary Increases

NOTE: No person can charge more than their base salary rate listed in Banner to a sponsored project. See OMB A-21, Section J.10 or 2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance) for Compensation for Personal Services.

Salary rates for academic year. Charges for work performed on sponsored agreements by faculty members during the academic year will be based on the individual faculty member's regular compensation for the continuous period which, under the policy of the institution concerned, constitutes the basis of his salary. Charges for work performed on sponsored agreements during all or any portion of such period are allowable at the base salary rate. In no event will charges to sponsored agreements, irrespective of the basis of computation, exceed the proportionate share of the base salary for that period. This principle applies to all members of the faculty at an institution. Since intra university consulting is assumed to be undertaken as a university obligation requiring no compensation in addition to full time base salary, the principle also applies to faculty members who function as consultants or otherwise contribute to a sponsored agreement conducted by another faculty member of the same institution.