Chemical Safety Committee Membership

The Chemical Safety Committee is responsible for overseeing all uses of chemicals on the UAA campus. This committee reviews safety procedures and ensures compliance with the UAA Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Adeline Schlabaugh, Chair
Term Instructor and Lab Coordinator, Chemistry Department
907-786-4784 or

Dr. Don Spalinger
Assoc. Professor, Biological Sciences
907-786-4703 or

Dr. David Pfeiffer
Assoc. Professor, Biological Sciences
907-786-7762 or

Dr. Diane Hanson
Assoc. Professor, Anthropology Department
907-786-6842 or

Dr. Birgit Hagedorn
ASET Lab Manager/Research Professional
907-786-1252 & 1332 or

Krystal Haase
Biological Lab & Science Bldg. Manager
907-786-1264 or

Maurice Riner
Chemical Hygiene Officer, Risk Management
907-786-1279 or

Dr. Liz Hodges-Snyder
Asst. Professor, Health Sciences Department
907-786-6541 or

Dr. Aaron Dotson
Asst. Professor, School of Engineering
907-786-6041 or

Doug Markussen, ex-officio
Director, Risk Management
907-786-786-1335 or