IMPORTANT: The January 2013 memo from Chancellor Tom Case regarding UAA's Export Control Policy and Program Procedures contains valuable information for UAA personnel.  You may not realize that this policy applies to your activities.  Please contact the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance if you are not sure that you activity is covered by the regulations detailed in this letter.


University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) faculty, staff, students, and affiliates (including non-UAA consultants, collaborators, etc.) must comply with all applicable export laws and regulations. These guidelines specifically address the conduct of university activities subject to any of the following: the Arms Export Control Act, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Export Administration Act, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and all economic and trade sanctions administered and enforced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Activities subject to export controls include, but are not limited to the transfer of controlled information, materials, software, technology or assets to foreign countries or to foreign nationals in the United States.

The UAA Vice Provost for Research is charged with oversight of all aspects of the UAA export management program.


UAA Export Control Policy and Program Procedures

UAA Export Control Policy and Program Procedures document

The export control policy and procedures provides guidelines on export regulations. The policy is signed by Chancellor Tom Case, Provost Bear Baker and Vice Provost for Research Dr. Helena Wisniewski.


Export License Exception TMP (Temporary Exports) and BAG Certifications

Export License Exception TMP Certification (Temporary  Exports) and  BAG Certification form

Please click the link above to download the certification forms for completion. A signed copy should be submitted to Andrea Miller via email ( for review by Dr. Helena Wisniewski, Vice Provost of Research and Graduate Study.

For information on who complete the Export License Exception Certification form and additional questions, please review the Export License Certification FAQ.

Please allow for a two week processing time for your Export License Exception TMP and BAG Certification forms.

Export License Exception (TMP) for Temporary Exports/Reexports

This exception (TMP) can be used for travel outside the U.S. when you are taking items or technology that would normally require a license from the  Department of Commerce.

What the exception covers:

The export of items, technology, commercial software, and  encryption code is subject to export control regulations (this includes laptops, PDAs and digital storage devices). The  Department of Commerce's Export Administration Regulations (EAR) makes an  exception to licensing requirements for the temporary export or reexport of  certain items, technology, or software for professional use as long as the  criteria in the EXPORT LICENSE EXCEPTION (TMP) CERTIFICATION are met (see UAA Export Control Policy and Program Procedures above).

What the exception does not cover:

The exception does not apply to any EAR satellite or space-related equipment, components, or software, or to any technology associated with high-level encryption products and cannot be used for travel to  Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, or Sudan (in limited circumstances TMP can be  used for Sudan). This exception does not apply to  items, technology, data, or software regulated by the Department of State's ITAR.

Export License Exception (BAG) for Temporary Exports/Reexports

License Exception (BAG) Certification can be used for travel  outside the U.S.  when you are taking PERSONAL items or technology that would normally require a license from the Department of  Commerce (see TMP exception above). For  example, if you plan to take your personal laptop rather than a UAA laptop when  attending a conference or conducting research abroad, and you are taking   controlled technology, software, or other information that would require a  license, the BAG license exception is available. In addition, only the BAG exception is available for travel to Cuba, Syria, and North Korea - taking a UAA owned laptop would require a license from Commerce.


Export Control for Foreign Companies

 When purchasing items or services form a foreign vendor, you will need to complete the Export Control for Foreign Vendors form. This form can be found below:

Export Control for Foreign Vendors form

Please mail the completed form to Dr. Helena Wisniewski (, the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, and copy her Executive Assistant, Andrea Miller ( Be sure to allow for up to two weeks processing time for these forms.


Export Management

The U.S. Government has complex export laws and regulations.  This is a matrix of where the different citations may be found.


There is legal advice available from General Counsel (Statewide) at (907) 450-8080 or