The UAA Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) applies only to individuals working within UAA animal facilities who are involved in the direct care of vertebrate animals and their living quarters, and those individuals who have direct contact with animals (live or dead), their viable tissues, body fluids or wastes.

Researchers who meet this criteria must complete a Hazard Evaluation Form prior to starting their work and resubmit annually. You will be notified if you fall within a risk category that requires completion of a Medical Questionnaire Form and whether a pre-assignment medical examination will be needed.

Download the necessary form and follow all instructions:

1) Hazard Evaluation Form (updated 8/13)

The Hazard Evaluation form must be completed on your computer and submitted via e-mail. Please see the update below about who to send the Hazard Evaluation Form to for review.

2) Medical Questionnaire

The Medical Questionnaire is a confidential document that is only to be shared with the Contract Health Care Provider and only retained in your medical files at his or her office.

Who approves the OHSP forms?

Please send all completed OHSP forms to, attention Manch Garhart, UAA Safety Officer.

Working in the remote field?

You should be aware of University Policies and Safety Issues. The University of Alaska Remote Travel Safety Guide is now available on the web. An additional publication to accompany this guide, Remote Travel Planning & Resource Guide. All employees that travel to remote locations should have access to these document.

Working with Hazardous Chemicals?

You should be aware of University Policies. Click here for UAA's Research Lab Policies.

Click here to read: University of Alaska Anchorage Policy on the Occupational Health and Safety of Personnel Working in Animal Facilities or with Frequent Contact with Animals