Academic Honors Housing Scholarship

UAA is pleased to offer UA Scholars and students in the University Honors College (hereafter referred to as “Academic Honors Students”) a $1,500 annual housing scholarship! The Academic Honors Housing Scholarship is applied each fall and spring semester as a $750 discount off room charges.

The residential community at UAA provides students an unforgettable experience built on the tenets of educational success, social responsibility and community connectedness. UAA's Department of Residence Life staff are dedicated to the success of our residents, and work hard to ensure our residence halls and apartments foster a social, educational, supportive, and inclusive environment.

Academic Honors Living Learning Community (LLC):

First-year residents, under the age of 21, who live in student housing will participate in the First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program. This program is designed to help students navigate their first year of college and successfully integrate into campus and college life. Please see the FYRE Participation webpage for more information about this program.

After their first year as a student at UAA or living in UAA student housing, Academic Honors Students have the exciting opportunity to be a part of the Academic Honors Living Learning Community (LLC). Taking part in the Academic Honors LLC is an opportunity for students to live with other academically-focused residents, as well as programs and services tailored to this specific group of residents. Residence Life collaborates with staff and faculty from across the institution to make this community a fun and scholarly place to live and learn.

Space in the LLC is limited so be sure and submit your housing application as early as possible as assignments are generally made on a first-come, first-served basis. For detailed instructions on how to apply for student housing, please visit the Residence Life How to Apply webpage.

Residence Life Eligibility Requirements

Students must submit a housing application, including payment of the deposit and application fee, at the time the application is submitted, and prior to moving onto campus. In the event a student moves off campus, the student may be eligible to receive the scholarship again should they move back into student housing and meet all other eligibility requirements described here.

Academic Honors Eligibility

In order to qualify for the Academic Honors Housing Scholarship, a student must only meet the eligibility requirements for either the UA Scholars award or the University Honors College. Being a UA Scholar and in the University Honors College does not increase the award amount of $750. Loss of eligibility in one category would only result in the discount not being applied if the student does not qualify for the other academic honor category (e.g. a University Honors College student who loses the UA Scholars Award would still receive the housing scholarship as long as they remain in active status with the University Honors College). For more information regarding eligibility requirements, please visit the UA Scholars or University Honors College website

Terms and Conditions

In most cases, the housing scholarship can be stacked on top of any other discounts, rate reductions or financial assistance applied to the semester room cost for student housing, regardless of the source of discount or funding. The housing scholarship can only be awarded in the form of a discount (i.e. a reduction in the amount charged to a student’s account) and cannot be used to pay for the deposit, application fee or any other charges or fees a student owes to UAA. In the event a student cancels their Housing and Dining Agreement and is eligible for a full or partial refund of their housing costs, the housing scholarship will be removed from the student’s account and the student will receive any refund they qualify for based on the actual rate of the room. The refund schedule can be found on the Residence Life Cancellation webpage. For more information on current housing and dining rates, please visit the Residence Life Rates webpage

The housing scholarship amount, eligibility requirements and determination process, and all other terms related to the Academic Honors Housing Scholarship included here are subject to change, with or without notice, at the sole discretion of the University.  

  How to Apply for Student Housing

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