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Gender-Inclusive Housing

Starting in the fall of 2021, UAA Residence Life will offer Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) for students 18 or older as part of UAA’s ongoing commitment to develop a community that is inclusive to all identities, including gender, gender expression, sex and sexual orientation. GIH is an opt-in program which students can request on their Housing Application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Gender-Inclusive Housing?

    GIH is intended for anyone wishing to live with others without consideration given to the gender identity, sex or sexual orientation of potential roommates. Examples may include siblings or friends of different gender identities who wish to live in the same suite or apartment, residents who are allies or members of the LGBTQIA+ community, residents who are not comfortable living with someone of their same gender, or residents who are exploring their gender identity. Students requesting GIH should be open to rooming with students of any gender, gender expression, sex or sexual orientation 

    UAA acknowledges the diverse needs of the student body and by implementing GIH, seeks to develop an environment that is positive, respectful and inclusive for all residents.

  • Where will GIH be located on Residential Campus?

    There is not a specific area on residential campus designated as Gender-Inclusive Housing. Students will be assigned to spaces based on their living type preferences, and if any suite or apartment houses students who have requested GIH, then that suite or apartment is designated as GIH. If there is enough demand, a full wing in a residence hall may be designated as a gender-inclusive wing. If not, suites and apartments will be designated GIH individually and would be randomly placed.

    Please note that a request to live in GIH does not supersede Residence Life's assignment age or class status protocols. First-year students under 21 are typically assigned to a residence hall, while apartments are typically reserved for residents in their second year or higher, as well as residents who are 21 or older. If two students request to be roommates within GIH and one is a first-year student while the other is 21, the assignments would likely be a GIH space within a residence hall, not an apartment.

  • How will bathrooms work in GIH?
    UAA campus housing is entirely suite-style housing, with bathrooms located within individual suites or apartments (meaning there are no communal bathrooms in the hallway). It will be up to the residents of each GIH unit to work out how their bathroom will work, amongst any other potential issues that may arise. Residence Life encourages all residents to fill out a Roommate Agreements with the help of their Resident Advisor.
  • Is there an additional cost to live in GIH?

    No. Housing rates are the same for all residents. 

  • How can residents request roommates in GIH?
    All residents who request GIH will be included in a roommate selection process through their Housing Page on UAOnline and will be able to request other students who have also requested GIH. If there is someone specific you’d like to live with in GIH, both you and the other student should request GIH on your Housing Application.
  • What if I’m interested in GIH, but don’t have a specific roommate in mind?  Am I guaranteed to live with someone with a different gender identify than my own?

    Residence Life makes GIH placements by not taking gender into account during the assignments process, not by specifically looking to mix gender identities. If you’ve requested GIH and you don’t have a specific roommate request, we will place you according to the best fit on other housing preferences indicated on your application (level of tidiness or quiet, willingness to live with an animal, etc.).

    We will do our best to place all students who request GIH with other students who have requested GIH, but if demand for GIH is low and there are not enough requests to fill GIH suites or apartments, you may be placed outside of GIH in an assignment with residents who match the gender you have listed on your application.

  • What if a resident no longer wants to live in GIH after the start of the semester?

    Residents should talk with their Residence Coordinator about switching rooms if space allows.

  • What if a vacancy occurs in a gender-inclusive suite or apartment?

    If a vacancy occurs during the year, remaining residents are encouraged to find a suitemate agreeable to living in a GIH space. If residents don’t have someone in mind to fill the space, Residence Life may fill that space with someone else who has requested GIH.

  • Can residents live with someone with whom they are in a romantic relationship?
    We will not inquire about a student’s reason for requesting GIH. However, we do discourage GIH for romantic couples. Please remember that residents will likely be sharing space with other students and Residence Life is limited in its ability to address conflicts and/or breakups between significant others.  
  • Wil parents/guardians be notified if their student chooses GIH?
    No. Residence Life communicates assignment information directly to the student. However, residents are encouraged to communicate with their families and support systems their housing options and preferences so they can be informed of a resident's housing situation.