Thomas Harwell, ACUHO-I Intern / 2012 Summer Residence Coordinator

My summer in Alaska was an unforgettable experience. While I did not begin the ACUHO-I search process intending to come to Alaska, I am happy that I did. I learned so much as a young professional and was able to take full advantage of an opportunity I may never have again. My time at UAA was filled with great professional role models who taught me so much. There is a high value placed on developing the young professional who fills this role. For that I am extremely grateful. I got to work on many projects related to my own interests within Student Affairs. I was also able to work on some Departmental and Campus Initiatives that were extremely unique.

Professionally, I could not have asked for a better experience! Personally, the summer was amazing. Filled with experiences that I never imagined. I was able to climb a glacier! I met some amazing people and being able to spend the summer with four other interns was a huge benefit. The state of Alaska has so much to offer in the summer and the scenery is spectacular. If you (even remotely) enjoy the outdoors, applying for this opportunity is one you will not regret! The environment surrounding the Department of Residence Life at UAA was truly unique and enjoyable.


--Thomas Harwell

   2012 ACUHO-I Intern



Having the opportunity to be an ACUHO-I intern at the University of Alaska Anchorage was one of the best decisions I could have made. If you enjoy warm, compassionate, and kind-hearted people, a breathtaking view every where you look and have a sense for adventure, this is the right choice for you!

The opportunities for collaboration across campus and the relationships you build will last far longer than your short summer in this beautiful state. During your time in Alaska you will not only have the ability to further your professional development but you are also able to step into the world of the wild. Alaska provides you with so many exciting adventures! Whether you choose to hike among glaciers, take a helicopter ride, go on an Alaskan whale watching tour, experience the highest temperate rainforest, or ride with sled dogs you will always find something to do! In addition, there are also so many historical and strong heritage pieces of Alaska to take part in to really immerse yourself in this unique culture. When you are not exploring the outdoors take minute to soak in the relationships you are building on UAA’s campus. Your future colleagues will become some of your greatest friends and have so many incredible and unique stories to share and wisdom to pass on. There is only one thing left for you to do...SAY YES and experience the summer of a lifetime! 

--Kat Slaby
2011 ACUHO-I Intern