About RHA

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student governing body for the UAA residence halls and apartments and is made up of students like you. Members of RHA help create policies, host open forums to discuss residents' concerns, and plan fun events open to all students. These events usually include dances, sporting events and karaoke nights.

RHA has a direct voice in University governance activities via a voting seat on student government (USUAA). RHA is not only a great place to meet friends and get your voice heard but also gives you a chance to contribute to an academic and diverse residential environment while expanding your resume.  RHA is a great way to get involved!



Contact Us!

Telephone:  907.751.7420

Email:  uaa_rha@uaa.alaska.edu




General Assembly Meeting Schedule

Fall 2015, in the Commons 106:

Sundays, September 6-December 6



RHA Funding Proposal Form

Click here to download the 2015-2016 RHA Funding Request form.

  • Submit 1 copy of this form, and your advertisement/flyer for the event, and present your proposal at an RHA General Assembly meeting.  You'll have a maximum of five minutes to present your proposal.
  • Your proposal must be submitted to the Executive Board by 5pm on Thursdays, prior to Executive Board meetings. The General Assembly meeting you present at must be at 2 weeks prior to the event, or 3 weeks prior for program requests that include food, prizes, decorations or charge for admittance. 
  • Voting on proposals may occur at time of presentation, or at the following meeting at the General Assembly's discretion.

Please Note: 

  • For programs that have a Guest Speaker or Performer, you must submit your funding request 30 days prior to the event.
  • To continue to receive funding, you must attend an RHA General Assembly meeting the week following the event to present a detailed report (including event attendance) regarding the success of the event or program.