Student/Para-Professional Staff

In addition to our professional staff, the Department of Residence Life is one of the largest employers of student / para-professional staff at the UAA campus, with over 60 students working each semester.  Positions include the following:

  • 35 Resident Advisors (live-in). These student leaders organize activities, provide student support, develop a sense of community and assist in creating a safe and educational living / learning environment. 
  • 7 Peer Mentors (live-in). These student staff members provide personal and academic support to students through study groups, social programs and outreach activities. They assist with Guidance 150 Creating Success in College classes taught in North Hall. They produce dozens of educational, social, diversity, and community service programs, as well as informational bulletin boards throughout the semester.
  • 9 Programming Assistants (live-in).   These student leaders serve as a resource for students through collaboration with RAs and PMs for programming and outreach.  Help with Welcome Week, create informational bulletin boards, and participate in collateral meetings with campus partners in the areas of diversity/identity, alcohol/drug wellness, and late night programming.
  • Desk Assistants. Each hall has a front desk managed by a student desk assistant. Desk assistants help to increase building security, refer students to campus resources, and check out equipment and supplies to residents. The number of desk assistants hired is contingent on the number of desk hours available.
  • Cama-i Room Peer Mentors. These student leaders create a welcoming environment in the Cama-i Room and host weekly activities that are social, educational, and celebrate the various cultures of Alaska. Cama-i Room Peer Mentors work during the weekends and the late evening hours of the week to support students
  • 2-5 Office Assistants.  The Department of Residence Life front desk is staffed Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm, by student office assistants who provide support to the Office Manager and other professional staff members. In addition to serving as a front-line contact for the Department of Residence Life, these paraprofessional student leaders help promote and advertise On-Campus Living programs, refer students and other office visitors to resources, and assist the Office Manager with day-to-day operations. The number of office assistants varies from semester to semester based on schedules and availability.
  • 1 Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant.  The Department of Residence Life main office employs a student leader to assist with graphic design and social media support for all of Residence Life, Residence Hall Association, and On-Campus Living marketing efforts, in partnership with the Office Manager and Office Assistants.

Meet the Student Staff

 This feature coming soon! Please check back on August 22, 2014 to meet the student staff working in Residence Halls and Apartments in the On-Campus Living community.