Our Service To You

Our team is dedicated to serving the needs of students living on campus. The programs, services, and activities we offer are designed to augment students’ educational experience. Our friendly staff is well trained and knowledgeable about the resources available to help you succeed. Programs and activities provide the framework for active participation in each community. Workshop topics range from college survival skills, roommate relationships, and alcohol awareness to global diversity, career planning, and personal safety. In the area of leadership and involvement, residential students have a strong voice regarding campus issues through their local governing body, the Residence Hall Association (RHA).  New interest groups form each year as students’ discover mutual interests. We promote a diverse cultural view among staff, residents, and student organizations. This helps encourage an awareness and appreciation for differences, harmonious understanding, and provides a culturally rich environment.

Collectively, we recognize individual rights to cultural expression and encourage exploration of other traditions. Multiculturalism embraces the breadth of experiences represented within the diverse University community. Through student programming, workshops, staff training, and enlightened leadership, the departments of Residence Life and University Housing, Dining & Conference Services are committed to creating a living environment that fosters a climate of mutual respect among all of its members.