Community Living Standards

There are four compelling Community Living Standards (CLS) that guide both our daily interactions with students and the formal On-Campus Living (OCL) conduct system. The four compelling CLS are broken down into specific residential community policies that residents are expected to abide by. These CLS were developed to help provide a safe and secure community. Violations that compromise the success, safety, or security of residents may result in appropriate disciplinary sanctions, including up to contract termination and are considered violations of the UAA Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities Student Code of Conduct.  

Each resident is responsible for upholding the Board of Regents' policies, University regulations, UAA rules and procedures, Department of Residence Life community guidelines and policies, and municipal, state, and federal laws. Residents may report student code of conduct violations by filling out an information report, by speaking with a Residence Life staff member, such as a Resident Advisor, Programming Assistant, or Peer Mentor. The development of a successful community requires that students follow community guidelines and processes and approach interactions with honesty and respect. OCL student and professional staff members are required to report issues related to harm to self or others, or situations related to sexual assault/misconduct.

Residential Communities Policies

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