2.  Facility & Safety Issues

You are responsible for respecting the rights of all others in the residential community and acting with civility at all times. Civility means demonstrating mutual respect for all individuals on campus.  This is inclusive of the interactions between students, student staff, and University administrators.  Fighting, threats, and intimidation of any person for any reason will not be tolerated.  

You are responsible for developing and maintaining an atmosphere that promotes social awareness, social appreciation, and appreciation and support of those who may be different from OCLyou. It is an expectation that you actively participate in conflict resolution.  

You are responsible for attending floor/hall meetings as set forth by your Residence Life staff. All members of campus communities are expected to fill out/review roommate agreements at the beginning of each semester.  Your living arrangement decisions affect you and your roommates. We encourage you to consider and respect the feelings, attitudes, safety, welfare, and interests of others. The opportunity to interact with residents of different ages, abilities, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations is a strength of our community. It is important to avoid infringing upon others’ rights and equally important to stand up for your rights. Repeatedly disrupting others’ free exercise of academic or personal pursuits, or their ability to sleep or study is a Residence Life policy violation. Examples may include: frequent phone calls, disrupting others during quiet hours, failing to relay telephone messages to roommates, or failing to perform agreed upon cleaning. If you are not able to resolve the problem by speaking with your fellow resident, please bring these issues to the attention of your Resident Advisor or Residence Coordinator.


Although Residence Life staff members may form bonds with students residing in the residence halls, any information presented to a Residence Life staff member relating to the violation of University policy and/or the threat/harm to oneself or another member of the University community must be reported to the Residence Life staff member’s supervisor.

Discriminatory or Inflammatory Language

Residents are to refrain from using discriminatory or inflammatory language, including, but not limited to: online, telephone, verbal, non-verbal, or written communications with the intent to harm or incite. 

Failure to Comply

Residents must comply with any lawful order or reasonable request of a clearly identifiable University official/Campus Safety Authority acting in the performance of his or her duties in the enforcement of University policy. Residents must present their WOLFcard upon request of a University official (in appropriate situations). These requests are expected to be honored. Failing to follow published administrative procedures, such as snow removal or the intention processes, is a violation of your housing agreement.  Campus Safety Authorities include, but are not limited to: University Police, Department of Residence Life (DRL) professional staff, Housing (UHDCS) professional staff, DRL student staff (RAs, PMs, PAs, Desk Assistants), UHDCS student staff (Maintenance, Housing Resource Assistants).

Furnishing False Information

Residents must disclose, to the best of their knowledge, full and truthful information to University officials. Residents shall not withhold information or present false information with the intent to deceive, including but not limited to: names, dates and times, location or number of residents or guests, location, consumption, or possession of illegal, prohibited, or controlled substances, WOLFcards or numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, or allergies.

Inciting or Participating in a Fight or Riot

Residents shall not incite or participate in a physical fight, or riot regardless of reason. Fighting is defined as, but not limited to: inciting a fight through physical, online, sexual, telephone, verbal, non-verbal, or written communications; or fighting through hitting, striking, slapping, kicking, throwing or shooting an object; or contacting or attempting to contact any other person with the intent to harm.

Intimidation, Harassment, Bullying, and Threats of Violence

Residents, students, DRL/UHDCS staff, and any other person should be able to learn, work, and live in an environment that is free from all forms of intimidation, harassment, bullying, and threats of violence, including, but not limited to, physical harm or threats of physical harm, via online, telephone, verbal, non-verbal, and written communications.  Behavior violating this provision is also prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct and/or UAA’s Equal Opportunity, Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Interference with University Official(s)

Interfering with University officials in the performance of their duties, failing to comply with staff directives, or preventing or attempting to prevent staff from conducting their administrative or disciplinary responsibilities is also prohibited and a violation of Residence Life policies. 

Joint Responsibility

Students are responsible for the actions of people in their residence hall room. If a student is present in their own or any other residence hall room or area where university policies are being violated, they are subject to the same disciplinary action as the resident of that room. In some situations, this may also include violations that occur within an adjoining room in a suite, regardless of whether or not the student is present in the room in which the violation(s) occurred.


Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm--8:00 am Sunday through Thursday and 1:00 am--10:00 am Friday and Saturday. Courtesy hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  24 hour quiet hours go into effect during final exam periods.  Creating excessive noise which is disruptive to other students both inside and outside of residential communities is prohibited.  Noise may be deemed disruptive if it can be heard through a closed door and/or two doors down. Excessive noise at any hour is unacceptable and at no time should amplified sound or yelling be directed out of or towards residents’ windows. Reasonable quietness in areas near residence halls must be maintained. Students must respond positively and courteously to requests to reduce noise and to respectfully approach others with requests for noise reduction.

Sexual Misconduct

See Student Code of Conduct.


Residents shall not stalk any other person physically, online, by telephone, verbally, non-verbally, in written communications, or any other manner. Stalking is defined as, but not limited to: the intentional, unwanted, repeated contact or attention by the stalker to the victim. Residents must honor other's requests to stop undesired contact.


Residents shall not take or possess another's property without permission of owner. This includes, but is not limited to: property of a roommate, resident, any other individual, company, or the University. 

Violation of University Policies and Government Laws

Residents must follow all university policies, city, parish ordinances, and state and federal laws.