1.  Intellectual Environment

You are responsible for creating an environment that promotes the academic mission of the University. This includes upholding the visitation policies in the residential communities, and being held responsible for your visitors' and guests' behavior.


Gambling and sponsoring raffles or pools in or adjacent to residential communities is prohibited.


Guests are welcome in the apartments and residence halls provided a resident accompanies them at all times. Guests in the residence halls may use the vestibule house phones to call their host for an escort from the main lobby to their host's suite. Hosts who reside in the residence halls are responsible for checking in their guests at their residence hall front desk. All residence hall guests must present a valid form of identification (government-issued) listing their date of birth, a photo ID, and card identification number. Residents who wish to host guests who are 17 years old and under must register their guest with the Residence Life office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You are responsible for your guest at all times! It is your responsibility as a resident to ensure your guest(s) follow all University regulations. Guests who violate the privacy of roommates or any community guidelines may be asked to leave.  Overnight guests are permitted only if all residents of the apartment/suite have been informed and have given their consent. The rights of the resident supersedes the rights of the guest. An individual is defined as an overnight guest if he or she is present in an apartment or suite anytime after 2:00 am. Overnight guests must sleep in the host resident's bedroom. Non-Residential guests may stay no longer than two nights in one week. Guests may not stay longer than three consecutive nights in a residential suite or apartment. Regardless of the number of residents who host them, an individual who is not a resident may not stay longer than eight nights a month in UAA's residential community. Students found abusing the guest policy are subject to disciplinary action, which may result in loss of guest privileges. 

Hall Sports

Playing sport games in hallways or balconies, including but not limited to: basketball, bicycle riding, Frisbee, skateboarding, football throwing, running, Nerf activities, squirt gun/water fights is prohibited.

Instruments and/or Speakers

Use of amplified instruments in residential community rooms is prohibited.  Placement of sound equipment or speakers in windows and common areas of the residential communities without the express permission of DRL professional staff is prohibited.


Loitering is not allowed in front of any residential communities’ entrance or exit and can pose as a fire/safety hazard.