Amenities for On-Campus Living Residents

University Housing, Dining & Conference Services (UHDCS)

UHDCS groups together a variety of services that focus on providing for your day-to-day needs as a student, as well as those of faculty, staff, and the public. UHDCS is responsible for the administration of the three residence halls, Main Apartment  Complex (MAC) and Templewood, including room assignments, maintenance, and student accounts. UHDCS also manages University Dining services in the Student Union, Health Science Building, Fireside Cafe, College of Arts and Sciences, Lucy Cuddy Hall, and the Gorsuch Commons. UHDCS also coordinates meeting services for conferences, seminars, and institutes conducted on campus. UHDCS is committed to providing comprehensive quality customer service to you and serving the needs of the greater community.


Cable Television

UHDCS and GCI cable are partners in providing basic cable service to the residential community. Students who would like this service must obtain a cable box from GCI. This requires students to open an account directly with GCI. Contact GCI Cable at 786-9200 for more information. Premium channels or pay-per-view are not included in the service package.


Computer Lab

A computer lab is located in the Gorsuch Commons. The lab has Mac and PC computers, full Internet access, printers, and a scanner. The Gorsuch Commons computer lab is maintained by UAA IT Services. For questions regarding the lab or hours, contact IT Services at 786-4646 opt. 1.


Garbage Dumpsters

Garbage dumpsters are located outside of Buildings 1, 5, and 6 in the Main Apartment Complex, in front of Templewood 17, and behind each residence hall. Please use these dumpsters regularly and be sure that all garbage is put into the container and then be sure to close the container lid (for animal control). Garbage will not be picked up by waste management if it is not deposited in the dumpster prior to pickup. Do not leave garbage in the stairwells or hallways

Residents responsible for not properly disposing of trash may be assessed a removal fee. Do not block dumpsters as it might prevent trash pickup. Fees to reschedule garbage pick-up and parking citations for obstructing university operations may also be assessed.



For residents living in Templewood, each apartment is equipped with a washer and dryer (not coin operated). For all other residents, coin operated washers and dryers, and change machines are available in the Main Apartment Complex Laundry Room (MAC Shack), located in Building 1, and on the first floor of each residence hall. 

Residence hall washers and dryers may also be operated with your WOLFcard. We suggest you watch your laundry closely as theft is a reality in any public facility. Please report any machine malfunctions with the machine number and location to Reliable Appliance at 278-4044 or UHDCS at 751-7202.


PowerHouse Fitness Center

The PowerHouse Fitness Center, located in the Gorsuch Commons, has a variety of cardiovascular exercise machines geared to keep you in shape during the long winter months. Equipment includes stair climbers, treadmills, and stationary bicycles. Bring an extra pair of shoes with you as no outside shoes are allowed in the fitness center.


Maintenance and Work Orders

The maintenance staff responds to all requests for repairs. If you need to have University property in your apartment or suite repaired, call in a work order to UHDCS at 751-7202. Normal wear and/or age related repairs are done at no cost. This includes free light bulb and smoke detector battery replacements. Damages related to vandalism, negligence, or misuse are charged to those responsible and students will go through the conduct process. Leaks should be reported immediately to prevent water damage. You should submit a work order to the Housing Office at any time for services such as smoke detector battery changes, carbon monoxide detector maintenance, light bulb replacement, heating, plumbing, and other maintenance concerns.



Incoming mail is distributed once daily (Monday - Saturday) by the Mail Sorter staff. UHDCS and Residence Life will distribute all important information regarding process and procedures through the University mail system. It is an expectation that all residents regularly check their mailbox for important information. Main Apartment Complex residents’ mailboxes are located in Building 1 (MAC Shack), and residence hall residents’ mailboxes are located in the Gorsuch Commons. Templewood residents also receive mail at the Commons. Outgoing mail is picked up daily from the U.S. mailboxes located outside Building 5 and in the Commons. Please do not send cash through the mail. All mail and parcels containing anything of value should be insured and tracked via the shipping service of your choice.

Want to give your address to family and friends? Mail and packages should be addressed as follows:

Your Name
3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane, Your 
Anchorage, AK 99508

Receiving a Package

When you receive a package, you will be notified with a package slip in your mailbox. Packages may be picked up with your student I.D. at the UHDCS office during regular Commons hours. Please remember to insure and/or track all valuable parcels.


Mail Forwarding

Upon your departure from the residential community, mail received by UHDCS will be forwarded for 30 days to the address you indicate when you check out. After 30 days, remaining mail will be returned to the sender.


Reservations/Reserving Space

Students living on campus may reserve meeting locations in the Gorsuch Commons, on a space available basis. For more information, call the UHDCS event coordinator at 751-7273. Students may also reserve meeting locations within the residence halls by contacting a Residence Coordinator.



Recycling is available in the Commons outside the University Housing Office in Suite 101.


Summer Housing

Summer students and resident employees are subject to UHDCS/Residence Life rules, regulations, policies, and UAA’s Student Code of Conduct. Summer Housing is limited and available on a first come first serve basis. The Summer Housing Application is usually available around March 1st. UHDCS also provides summer housing to students, employees, and conference guests. For more information regarding Summer Guest Housing visit or call Conference Services at 751-7241.



Throughout the residential campus, each resident’s telecommunications package includes access to local telephone service in common areas, cable TV in their apartment or suite, and high-speed wireless internet access. For more information, call Information Technology Services at 786-4646 opt. 5.


University Dining

The following meal plans have been designed specifically with the purpose of offering you a wide selection of great food at a price you can afford. We believe that good things are even better when they come in pairs. Our meal plans pair a number of “block” meals with a dollar amount of “flex” money per semester. This means, not only does your meal plan provide you with the option to visit Creekside Commons and ‘eat-all-you-care’ to, but it also gives you plenty of flex dollars to use at AFC Sushi in the Student Union or Ultimate Baja in the Cuddy Food Court as well as at any of our other campus vendors. To purchase a meal plan, or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, visit the Housing office in the Gorsuch Commons. For questions regarding the Dining Plan information, contact the UHDCS office at 751-7202.

Semester Meal Plan Options

50 Block Plan (Available to OCL apartment residents only): 50 All You Care to Eat Meals and $200 in Flex Money  (Price: $875)

75 Block Meal Plan: 75 All You Care to Eat Meals and $800 in Flex Money (Price: $1825)

100 Block Meal Plan: 100 All You Care to Eat Meals and $700 in Flex Money (Price: $1850)

150 Block Meal Plan: 150 All You Care to Eat Meals and $600 in Flex Money (Price: $1875)

200 Block Meal Plan: 200 All You Care to Eat Meals and $400 in Flex Money (Price: $1975)