About Residence Life

The Department of Residence Life is committed to providing programs and services that create a community living environment in which mutual respect among all of its members is achieved. The opportunity to work and live with people of varying ages, ethnic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations helps strengthen our community. We recognize individual rights to cultural expression and encourage exploration of other traditions.

We can help you focus on your educational goals

You are here to achieve your academic goals, and we are here to provide resources, facilities, leadership opportunities, and activities to help you be successful.

We're Student-Centered

We do our best to keep student satisfaction at the center of our programs, policies and financial decisions. We value your input and will offer opportunities for your involvement!


Residential Communities:
Built Around Reasonable Expectations

The Department of Residence Life provides programs and services that support group living in the residential community. Staff members communicate, interpret and help maintain community standards that are conducive to maintaining a positive living and learning environment. A positive group-living/learning environment requires clear communication of behavioral expectations and accountability measures so that all members of the community can be successful.

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Campus Community Living Areas

The Residential Communities at UAA are composed of 3 suite style residence halls and 2 apartment complexes. Our mission is to provide safe and secure living/learning environments, which will help residents be academically successful students. 

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for UAA students to experience personal growth and development through educational, social and cultural programs, which are designed to supplement the classroom learning experience. Workshop topics range from college survival skills, roommate relationships and alcohol awareness, to global diversity, career planning, and date/acquaintance rape. 

Residents can enhance their leadership skills by becoming involved in student government or through our student staff positions. Interest groups emerge each year as students get acquainted, visit the Commons facility, participate as members of the residential community, and discover mutual interests. 

The Department of Residence Life is the framework that supports group living in the residential communities. Staff members communicate, interpret and enforce policies and community standards that are conducive to maintaining a positive living and learning environment. Living in our Residential Communities can add new dimensions to your UAA experience!

You may also be interested in immersing yourself in a unique environment and becoming part of a living/learning community at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Our residential learning communities connect you with people, programs, and activities that support your educational goals and academic success. Explore our seven dynamic learning communities.

Residence Halls

North, East, and West Halls are the three Residence Halls in the UAA Housing community. Opened in 1998, the three halls house approximately 200 students each in Single, Double, and Quad Suites.

On each floor, rooms are clustered on two wings, and feature common area lounges for studying and socializing, coin-operated laundry facilities, computer labs and a student-staffed service desk.

Main Apartment Complex (MAC)

The six-building Main Apartment Complex, known on campus as “MAC,” is located just west of the Residence Halls and offers apartment-style living for 296 students.

Each apartment has four single-bedrooms, a kitchen, shared bathroom, living room, and storage area.

Templewood Apartments

The Templewood Apartments are located on the southeastern side of the Student Housing area and offer twenty "town-house style" units housing a total of 80 students. The upper-level of each unit includes two single bedrooms, one shared bedroom, and two bathrooms. A kitchen, living room (complete with gas fireplace), half-bath, laundry room and storage closet are located on the middle level, and a two-car garage and additional storage complete the ground level.