Student Success & On-Campus Living

The departments of Residence Life and University Housing, Dining, & Conference Services (UHDCS) at the University of Alaska Anchorage provide students with a living and learning environment that supports their academic experience. We accomplish this goal by working cooperatively with student leaders, faculty, and staff in providing social, educational, and cultural programs in the residence halls and apartments.

The residence halls and apartments at UAA are as diverse as the students who live within them. Each building develops a character all its own. You will become part of a community unlike any you have ever experienced. We hope you will be comfortable enough in your surroundings to call where you live "home." 

The residence halls and apartments are more than a place to eat and sleep. The people you meet, the friendships you form, and the experiences you have will stay with you for the rest of your life! The experience of living and learning in a close-knit, academic community provides the greatest potential for individual and group achievement. Our philosophy is to encourage all residents to be responsible individuals. The following principles guide our staff in helping residential students succeed at UAA.


Academic Success

Research shows students living on campus are more successful academically and your academic success is important to us. Residence Life offers free tutoring, academic learning communities, computer labs, and academic success workshops. You are here to complete your academic goals,and we are here to provide resources, facilities, leadership opportunities, and activities to help you be successful. 

We Learn for Life at UAA

Lifelong learning is part of UAA's culture. The one characteristic everyone in the UAA community—students, staff, and faculty—shares is a passion for personal and academic growth. We are working toward a common goal: the betterment of ourselves and those around us. 

Enhance your Skills through Employment and Leadership Opportunities 

The departments of Residence Life and UHDCS are one of the largest student employers and activity centers on campus. Get involved! We can provide you with the experience future employers seek. 

We're Committed to Diversity

The opportunity to work and live with people of varying ages, ethnic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations helps strengthen our community.