Helfpul Hints for Move-In Day

Helpful Hints:

  • Before arriving, check with your roommate to see when they plan on arriving to campus. Then decide whether you would like to move in at the same time, or if one of you would prefer to move in first. Some groups prefer a mutual move-in, while other people find having the room alone a bit easier to manage.
  • A helpful tip for packing your belongings before arrival: pack similar items in the same box. For example, place all bedding and linens in one box, clothes in another, movies and games in another, etc. This will make finding what you want to unpack much faster and easier.
  • Complete your Room Condition Report prior to unpacking your belongings. It is easier to inspect the room this way!
  • Spend some time rearranging your provided furniture before moving your personal belongings into the room. You might realize that the 50” plasma TV in your dad’s truck won’t fit after all.
  • Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes, and light clothing.
  • Label all boxes with your last name, building name and room number. This way, our move-in volunteers will know where your boxes go, should you get separated from them.
  • Pack belongings in easy-to-carry boxes and plastic containers.
  • Be sure that everything is sealed in a waterproof container.
  • Clothes on hangers are difficult to carry up stairs.
  • Bring wheeled luggage carriers or a lightweight hand truck--some may be available but many people are looking to use them at the same time.
  • Leave the car running and keep the driver behind the wheel at all times while unloading your vehicle. The driver will then take the car to the designated parking area once the car has been unloaded. This job is great for a sibling or a friend who wants to help but can’t carry boxes easily.
  • When unpacking, start by arranging larger items in your room before unpacking smaller items.
  • Do NOT park in the red curb areas, these are fire lanes.  You will be ticketed and towed.
  • Check-In Location: Gorsuch Commons, Room 107 for all residents.
  • Residents, unloading only, may drive on the walkways outside the buildings.  Someone will be required to stay with the vehicle.  This is unloading only, and you will be ticketed and towed should you park there.


For the Fastest Move-In

  • If you want to make moving in as quick as possible, after you have checked in at your residence hall, have at least two people helping you.
  • One person can move your vehicle out of the unloading zone after unloading all of your belongings onto the curb.
  • You can locate your room and carry a few items.
  • The other person can stay with your belongings that have been unloaded onto the curb while the driver parks the car.