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UAA KRUA Student Scholarship

The purpose of the KRUA Student Scholarship is to offer financial assistance for tuition and other related educational expenses to University of Alaska Anchorage full-time or part-time, degree-seeking students currently involved as volunteers at KRUA with a Level Three rating, which means that they must be studio trained and production trained.

Award amount is a minimum $500 per academic year


  • Recipient should demonstrate motivation, and academic and leadership potential.
  • Recipient must be in good academic standing.
  • Recipient must be a full-time or part-time student attending University of Alaska Anchorage with a GPA of 2.5 cumulative.
  • Recipient must be currently involved as a volunteer at KRUA, with a Level three rating, which means that they must be studio trained and production trained.
  • Recipient must turn in two letters of recommendation and an essay "Why I think I Deserve the KRUA Scholarship" with a minimum of 500 words.

To Apply:

  1. Please make sure you meet all of the qualifications above
  2. Login to UAOnline and complete the Scholarship
  3. For information on how to apply for this scholarship please contact UAA Student Life & Leadership at (907) 786-1215.

KRUA Student Scholarship Recipients


  • Crewdson, David A. - West Anchorage High School Graduate
  • Kniffen, Joel  - Chugiak High School Graduate
  • Novak, Aaron M. - San Joaquin Memorial High School Graduate


  • Alger, Harrison M. - Chugiak High School Graduate
  • Bradley, Peter M. - Chugiak High School Graduate
  • Graham, Mindy K. - Palmer High School Graduate
  • Heafer, Derek A. - Service High School Graduate


  • Slaten, Russell W. - Bartlett High School Graduate