College of Engineering Scholarships

All of the following scholarships require a UAOnline scholarship application.  To be considered for the scholarships that state, "**SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION REQUIRED*" follow these directions:

  1. Select the link for a scholarship that states it requires supplemental information.
  2. Read through the qualifications.
  3. If you meet all of the required qualifications, scroll to the bottom of the page to determine what type of supplemental information is required and how to submit it.  If a scholarship has a preferred qualification that you do not meet, you should still submit the supplemental information. 
  4. Follow all the instructions for submitting the supplemental information and submit by the scholarship deadline, February 15th.

Scholarships that do not require supplemental information only require submission of the UAOnline scholarship application.  The UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance will determine which of these scholarships you qualify for and automatically consider you for them based on the information in your student record, your FAFSA and your UAOnline scholarship application. 


College of Engineering Scholarships, not major specific:

UAA Alumni Association Scholarship
UAA ATS Alaska Scholarship
UAA Rodney P. Kinney Sr. Memorial Scholarship
UAA School of Engineering Scholarship
UAA Siemens Industry Inc., Building Technologies BSE Scholarship
UAA Sturgulewski Family Scholarship

Civil Engineering Scholarships

UAA Donald Lagerlef Scholarship
UAA F. Robert Bell and Associates Engineering Endowed Scholarship
UAA Henry W. Holliday Memorial Scholarship
UAA Gary Kobayashi Engineering Scholarship
UAA Alan B. Christopherson Engineering Scholarship
UAA Hewitt V. Lounsbury Scholarship

Computer Science Scholarships

UAA Don R. Withey Memorial Scholarship
UAA Mark A. Beltz Scholarship

Electrical Engineering Scholarships

UAA David D. Adams Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Geomatics Scholarships

UAA Excellence in Geomatics and Geospatial Studies Scholarship
UAA F. Robert Bell and Associates Engineering Endowed Scholarship
UAA Hewitt V. Lounsbury Scholarship
UAA Alaska Society of Professional Surveyors Endowed Scholarship

Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

UAA AMC Engineers Scholarship
UAA J Van Den Top/The Superior Group In. Endowed Scholarship**SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION REQUIRED*

Project Management Scholarships

UAA Hawk Consultants PM Scholarship
* For information on additional Project Management national scholarships and resource information, please visit the UAA College of Engineering Project Management Scholarship webpage, maintained by the UAA College of Engineering staff.

Additional UA Engineering Scholarship Opportunities

The UAA College of Engineering is pleased to announce the Dean's Excellence Scholarship -$3,000/academic year, for four years! To find out more please visit the UAA College of Engineering website.

For information on other UAA College of Engineering Scholarships that you may be eligible for, please visit the University of Alaska Statewide Foundation Scholarships Office  The main scholarship application, available via UAOnline,  is the same for University of Alaska Statewide scholarships as it is for University of Alaska Anchorage scholarships.  Therefore, you only have to submit the UAOnline application one time per academic year in order to be considered for both types of scholarships.  However, there may be supplemental information required for UA Statewide scholarships that can be found on the University of Alaska Statewide Foundation Scholarships Website.