RRANN Newsletter Information

We publish a RRANN newsletter every semester. The newsletter features stories from participating graduates, program activities, and highlights current student profiles with program and staff information.

The general yearly publishing schedule is a follows:
  Fall edition published in January
  Spring edition published in June
  Summer edition published in September

The newsletter is compiled by staff. If you would like to submit information or articles for consideration of future newsletters please contact us

Phone: (907) 786-6944
Email: smsanderlin@uaa.alaska.edu

Current and previous editions of our newsletter

Fall 2014
Spring 2014
Spring/Summer 2013
Fall 2012
Spring 2011
Fall 2010
Spring/Summer 2009-2010
Summer/Fall 2011  

If you're a RRANN graduate who did not receive a printed version by mail and you'd like one, please contact Stephanie at smsanderlin@uaa.alaska.edu or (907) 786-6944 so that RRANN may update your mailing address to ensure that you receive future newsletter mailings.