School of Nursing

The Roger DeSmith Renal/Diabetes  Research Award for Nursing Students

Award Amount: $1,000

Award Summary: The Renal/Diabetes Research Award will be given to one nursing student during an academic year. Applications will be considered that address research related to kidney disease and diabetes.The following is a list of suggested topic areas.

  • Promotion of healthy behaviors
  • Improvement of health/illness knowledge
  • Prevention of disease onset
  • Delay of disease progression
  • Management of Disease
  • Understanding the experiences of those afflicted and/or their caregivers
  • Promotion of optimal quality of life

Eligibility: Those eligible for this competitive award must be a student in good standing enrolled in the UAA Baccalaureate or Graduate nursing program at the time applying for the award.

Application: Successful applications will include the following.

  1. A project proposal with no more than five (5) pages which include the following information.
    1. Introduction which describes the background, the nature of the program, and the significance.
    2. The purpose of the project.
    3. Design and methods.
    4. The project team, describing the roles and responsibilities of all involved.
    5. Timeline, including the time frame for each component of the project.
    6. Plan for dissemination of results
    7. Budge, listing any expenses for materials, research assistance, travel, etc.
  2. A letter of support from a UAA SON faculty who agrees to supervise the proposed project.
Goals and Criteria for Evaluation Award Submissions
  1. The project proposal will describe benefit to individuals at risk of or diagnosed with impaired renal health.
  2. The project proposal will provide evidence of sufficient expertise, commitment and resources to complete the project.
  3. The results of the project will be shared to the maximum extent possible.
Ideally completed applications should be submitted by October 15th but will be considered later in the academic year based on availability of funds. Submit applications to the School of Nursing.

Dr. Maureen O'Malley, RN, PhD
Associate Director and Associate Professor
University of Alaska Anchorage School of Nursing
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK  99508-4614