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Western Institute of Nursing New Scholar Award

Western Institute of Nursing New  Scholar Award
Award Amount:  $1,250
Award Summary:  The WIN New Scholar Award supports the development and enrichment of new  scholars being prepared to join the Alaska nursing workforce. The award  recognizes the contributions of new scholars by providing them with an  opportunity to travel to a premier nursing research conference in the Western  Region; The Western Institute of Nursing ( annual  communicating nursing research conference taking place in a major city in the  Western United States. The new scholar will participate in the proceedings by  presenting the results of an innovative and notable research/scholarship  project as either a poster or podium presentation and be mentored by a more  experience nurse research/leader throughout the conference.
Eligibility: At  the time applying for this competitive award, those eligible must be either a  student in good standing enrolled in the UAA Baccalaureate or Graduate nursing  program or they must have successfully completed a baccalaureate or graduate  project/thesis within the last two semesters.
Application. Successful proposals will  include:

  1.  An  abstract which summarizes the research or scholarship project.
  3.  Letter of  recommendation from a UAA SON faculty member familiar with the project to be  presented
  5. Preference will be given to applicants who have  been accepted for a refereed poster or podium presentation. Abstract submission  information is available on the WIN website (  The deadline for submitting an abstract is October 15th.
  7. Proposals are due by January 20th and  should be submitted to the School of Nursing as follows:

Dr. Maureen O'Malley
  Associate Director, School of Nursing
  University of Alaska Anchorage
  3211 Providence Drive
  Anchorage, Alaska  99508-4614
Requirements. The recipient agrees to  accept this award understanding the following conditions:
The recipient agrees to present their scholarly work, either  in a refereed poster or podium presentation or in a Research & Information  Exchange (R&IE) poster presentation. If a refereed poster, the abstract  must be submitted to the WIN website and meet the conference requirements and  deadlines
The recipient will fully participate in the WIN Conference,  attending such events as the Newcomer's Breakfast, the Silent Auction, RIFF  RAFF and a majority (though not necessarily all) of plenary and concurrent  sessions and will be encouraged (but not required) to participate in other  events for which an additional meal fee is charged;
That a School of Nursing faculty member will be designated  to provide assistance to students planning to submit an abstract for selection  consideration in advance of the submission deadline;
That a School of Nursing faculty member in attendance at the  Conference will mentor the recipient to facilitate the experience as one that  promotes learning and professional growth; and
Upon return from the conference, the recipient will submit  an essay suitable for including in the School of Nursing Alumni newsletter. The  essay should describe the personal transition into the role of "new  scholar" in the academic journey and in particular, the extent to which  the receipt of this award and attendance at the WIN conference contributed to  your professional growth. The recipient will speak to one or two groups about  the experience.