Gail Holtzman, RN, MSN

Associate Professor
Office: PSB 102E
Phone: 907) 786-4589


I have been active in nursing education for 18 years.  I graduated from  the Bryan Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Lincoln, NE and received my BSN from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing via their RN-BSN program. My MSN is in critical care nursing with a minor in nursing education.  I am proud to say that I have  maintained my CCRN certification for over 20 years and this past year became a  Certified Nurse Educator.

I have lived all over the US, following husband who was in the Air Force.  After moving to Alaska, I did get divorced, but decided to stay here because I love my job.  I have a son who is 28 and lives in Anchorage, but he dreams of leaving here for some place warmer.  I am an avid mystery reader and Law & Order devotee.  But if truth were told, I would read anything put in front of my face.

I can think of no better profession than nursing.  I have had experiences, both good and bad, that have taught me something about myself, others and life in general.  Even with the challenges we face today as nurses, I cannot imagine doing anything else.  I love talking to nurses because of their ideas, their compassion, their inability to settle for the status quo and their creativity.  Nursing education gives me a chance to see nurses from the time they start becoming until they are retiring and to impact patient care in so many ways because of what and how I teach.