Justine Muench

Justine Muench, RN, MN

Assistant Professor
Office: Juneau
Phone: (907) 796-6372
Email: jmuench@uaa.alaska.edu


Justine Muench has been a nurse since graduating from Duke University School of Nursing in 1976. A trek across the United States brought her west and she has worked in Utah and Washington before making Alaska her home in 1978. Justine has worked primarily in critical care nursing with a Masters Degree in Nursing from University of Washington in Cardiovascular Physiology in 1985. Following her return to Juneau, Alaska she developed the current CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Bartlett Regional Hospital. While working in cardiac rehabilitation, Justine also continued to work in critical care and flight nursing with Airlift Northwest. With her second daughter starting kindergarten, Justine moved into school nursing for several years, followed by public health nursing, and worked for the Section of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention with the State of Alaska. Returning to acute care nursing in 2007, Justine was the Staff Development and Process Improvement Coordinator at Bartlett Regional Hospital. In 2010, Justine began her current position with the UAA School of Nursing as Assistant Professor for the AAS Degree Program in Juneau.

Justine is active in the American Nurses Association and the Alaska Professional Nurses Organization. She currently servers on the Taylor White Foundation board of directors working toward building a community environment that better supports Juneau teens in healthy choices around high risk behaviors (including drugs and alcohol). Justine is also on the Alaska Health Fair Board of Directors.

When not busy working, Justine is an avid gardener and tries to be an avid participant in triathalons. Justine also enjoys spending time with her husband and two grown daughters at their remote cabin in Excursion Inlet, Alaska.