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Students pursuing the baccalaureate degree in nursing science are provided both the theory and clinical base to enable them to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate health care to meet the needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities whose health status varies qualitatively and quantitatively.

Students working on a degree in Nursing Science may choose from two options:  The Basic Student Option and the Registered Nurse Option.  The baccalaureate degree program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (61 Broadway, New York, NY  10006; 212-363-5555 ext. 153).

Admission Requirements

Students who apply to UAA for the baccalaureate nursing program and who qualify for admission are admitted to UAA as nursing pre-majors.  Declaring as a nursing pre-major does not guarantee admission to the Nursing major.  There are a limited number of seats available in each nursing course.  Students must apply for admission to the nursing major during the semester in which they are completing the final prerequisites for the first nursing courses (see 6 below).   Applications must be submitted prior to October 1 each year.  The School of Nursing strongly recommends that students submit their University application up to six months prior to the School of Nursing deadlines to ensure complete processing of the application and transcript evaluation.  The process for advancement to the major and the formal admission to the Nursing program are:

  1. UAA Certification of Admission for BS Nursing Science and transcript evaluations (if any) from Enrollment Services.
  2. Advising sessions with Nursing Academic Advisor. 
  3. An extracted minimum grade point average of 3.0 for courses required for the Bachelor of Science, Nursing Science.  The GPA will be calculated using grades from all courses required for the nursing major and completed at the time of Application to the Nursing Major. 
  4. A grade of "C" or higher in all specified courses required for the nursing major. 
  5. Completion of specified prerequisite courses (34 credits): 
Course Course Title Credits
BIOL A111/L Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL A112/L Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHEM A103/L Survey of Chemistry/Lab 4
CHEM A104/L Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry/Lab 4
ENGL A111 and A213 Written Communication
Writing in Social & Natural Sciences
ENGL A120 PHIL 101 or  201 or
PSY 150
Critical/Creative Thinking
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Philosophy
Human Development
COMM 111,235,237 or 241 Oral Communication Requirement 3
Humanities/Fine Art/Social Science Requirement 3
PSY or SOC General Education Course 3

For students not required to take ENGL A111, a 200-level English composition course will be substituted.  For transfer students, grades from equivalent courses will be substituted.

  1. Enrollment in, or credit for:
Course Course Title Credits
BIOL 240/L Introductory Microbiology for Health Sciences 4
PSY A150
ENGL A120 PHIL A101 or  A201
Human Development or one of the following:
Critical/Creative Thinking
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Philosophy
ANTH or ECON  General Education Requirement 3
Social Science/Humanities/Fine Arts Requirement 6
  1. After completion of the first 34 credits, as outlined above in number 5, and during enrollment in courses outlines in number 6, the student meets with a Nursing Academic Advisor to verify course completion and GPA, and completes the Application to the Nursing Major.  The student may call (907) 786-4550 to set up an appointment.
  2. School of Nursing Application and Confidential Required Information form on file in the School.
  3. Three letters of recommendation.
  4. A current Plan of Study signed by a Nursing Academic Advisor on file with the School of Nursing.
  5. Pre-admission test score: Kaplan Entrance test
  6. After completion of all the above  steps, the student's file is forwarded to the School's Admissions Committee for  acceptance into the Nursing Major. Formal admission to the Nursing program  is based on the student's relative standing on the minimum requirements as outlined  above.  There is one deadline for consideration by the Committee:   October 1. Placement in the major varies with each ranking.
  7. Must achieve a "C" or  higher in the specified courses for the major that are in progress when  admission is required (i.e., PSY A150, BIOL A240, and maintenance of a minimum 3.00  GPA until the semester of enrollment in the beginning nursing courses (NS A204,  NS 216 and NS 300).

Academic Progress

In order to progress within the baccalaureate nursing program, students must earn a satisfactory grade (C or higher or P) in all nursing courses.

Re-Enrollment:  Students who are unable to earn a satisfactory grade in a nursing course during their initial enrollment may attempt to earn a satisfactory grade one additional time on a space-available basis. 

Concurrent Enrollment:  Students enrolled in one course must be concurrently enrolled in all courses with that common number (NS A313, NS A313L;  NS A315, NS A315L; NS A401, NS A401L; NS A411, NS A411L; NS A406, NS A406L; NS A416, NS A416L.

Basic Student Option Progress:  The four trimester clinical sequence must be completed within eight* trimesters and no more than a one semester delay between sequential clinical courses will be permitted without validation of continued competence and currency.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete the following graduation requirements:

  1. Complete the General University Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees in the UAA Course Catalog.
  2. Complete the Baccalaureate General Education Requirements listed in the UAA Course Catalog.   In the Nursing program, some required prerequisite courses fulfill general education requirements. 
  3. Submit UAA Application for Graduation.
  4. Complete Major Requirements:

Complete 12 credits of support classes for the Nursing Science Major with a grade of "C" or better.  Courses marked with an asterisk(*) must be completed prior to admission to clinical nursing courses.

Course Course Title Credits
*STAT A252 Elementary Statistics 3
*DN A203 Nutrition for Health Sciences 3
PHIL A302 Biomedical Ethics 3
General Education Requirement** 3

**Must be in addition to the previously mentioned required General Education Requirements.

Required Nursing Courses

Complete required nursing courses for the Nursing Science major (64 credits). 

Course Course Title Credits
NS A204 Technology and Nursing Informatics 3
NS A216 Pathophysiology 4
NS A300 Foundations of Nursing I 4
NS A303 Foundations of Nursing II 3
NS A303L Foundations of Nursing II Lab 5
NS A309 Pharmacology in Nursing 3
NS A313 Health Disruptions I 3
NS A313L Health Disruptions I Lab 3
NS A315 Health I: Nursing Therapeutics 3
NS A315L Health I: Nursing Therapeutics Lab 3
NS A400 Research in Nursing 3
NS A401 Health Disruptions II 3
NS A401L Health Disruptions II Lab 2.5
NS A411 Health II: Nursing Therapeutics 3
NS A411L Health II: Nursing Therapeutics Lab 3
NS A406 Complex Care 2
NS A406L Complex Care Lab 2.5
NS A415 Nursing Management 4
NS A416 Concentration in Clinical Nursing .5
NS A416L Concentration in Clinical Nursing Lab 3.5
Nursing Elective (upper-division) 3

A total of 126 credits is required for the degree; 42 credits of which credits must be upper-division.

Recommended Course Sequence

Each student's pre-major course schedule sequence may vary according to initial entry level into University General Education Requirements (GERs) and pre-requisite courses such as Math, English, and Chemistry.  Additionally, the date of entrance into the Nursing Major will determine the length of time needed to complete the BS degree program.  All Nursing courses must be completed according to the specified sequence.

Course Sequence

For additional information, please contact:
Coordinator of Student Affairs
Nursing Programs
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Telephone: (907) 786-4550
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