Tournament Prizes

Tournament Champion and Finalists

All competitors who advance through the preliminary rounds will receive a cash prize.  The structure of the prizes follows:


Semifinalist Team:      $100

Finalist Team:              $200

Championship Team:  $1000

Quianna Clay Prize for Excellence in Debating

The top individual speaker at the tournament will be awarded the Quianna Clay Prize for Excellence in Debating. 

Quianna Clay debated for the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1998 – 2000.  With no prior experience in competitive debating, Quianna was recruited from a UAA public speaking class and rose to be the Top Novice debater in the nation in 1999 and a Semifinalist at the National Championship in the following year.  Quianna’s accomplishments are testament to the power of debating to train the voices of the next generation.  Sadly, Quianna’s life was cut short in 2003.  She will always be a member of the Seawolf Debate team.


The winner of the Quianna Clay Prize will receive $100 in addition to any other prizes.