The 6th Annual
Northern Lights British Parliamentary
Debate Tournament

On March 21st, the Seawolf Debate Team will host the 6th Annual Northern Lights British Parliamentary (BP) Debate Tournament.  This style of debate is the one used at the World Universities Debating Championships and is the world's most common format.  We will announce the six topic areas to be debated near the beginning of March.  However, we will not give competitors the exact wording of the topics, the side of the motion they will debate, or which topics will be debated until 20 minutes before the start of each competitive round.

Topic areas for 2015 will include ISIS, Prescription Drugs for Cognitive Enhancement, Workforce Automation, Vaccine Exemptions, and Arctic Ownership Issues.
This tournament will be open to any high school student (public, private, home schooled), but entries will be capped at 28 teams.  We will also limit each school to four entries in the tournament, unless the 28 team cap has not been reached.
The event will represent the highest standards of debating competitions, complete with meals and an awards ceremony.  A nominal entry fee of $20 per team will be charged; however, all fees will be returned to the tournament budget in order to promote a positive experience for the competitors.  


Our Vision
To expose high school students to the extemporaneous format of debating utilized in competitions around the world.  To promote academically rigorous exploration of controversial issues in a socially cooperative and competitive environment.
Our Goals
- Build an environment in which high school students develop a deeper appreciation for critical inquiry and civic engagement
- Promote a program that will prepare high school students for various debate formats found a the high school and collegiate levels
- Foster a commitment in high school students towards critical and public discourse on controversial issues
We believe strongly in the value of debate training for teaching the tools of civil discourse and are committed to extending those opportunities to students throughout Alaska through this Open Invitation debate tournament.
For more information, please contact Amie Stanley at 786-4354 or Steve Johnson at 786-4391.