The 5th Annual Northern Lights



British Parliamentary Debate Tournament


The Seawolf Debate Team is pleased to present the fifth annual Northern Lights worlds-style debate tournament. The competition will be held all day Saturday, March 22nd, 2014.   There will be four preliminary rounds of competition, followed by the final round.  Information on the style of debate known as British Parliamentary is available on our website along with a recorded demonstration debate and guide to debating.


The tournament is open to any high school student—public, private, or home-schooled.  Although the specific motions and sides of the topic to be debated will not be announced until 20 minutes prior to the start of the round, we will announce the five broad topic areas on the tournament website, roughly 1 month prior to the tournament.  All experience levels are encouraged to participate… no prior debate, drama, and forensics experience required, as this is an independent open invitation tournament to any high school student! There is a $20 registration fee per team (teams of two students).


Registration opens on February 17th at our website. Find a partner and sign up before registration fills up!


Want to see a demonstration round? Join us for the final round of the Cabin Fever Debates: UAA's Intramural Debating Tournament on March 6th at 7 PM in the UAA Social Sciences Building, room 118.