31st Annual Student Showcase Academic Conference
April 9 & 10
UAA Rasmuson Hall

Thursday, April 9

7:00pm | RH 110 

  Edmar Carrillo
(ART 113)

  Participation and Regulation: Balancing student rights and concerns with
  federal Title IX mandates regarding sexual 
misconduct at the University of Alaska Anchorage
  Kierra Hammons (PHIL 495)

  Erika LeNorman (ART 313)

  Portraying Her: A Narrative Analysis of Media Coverage of the Trans Community
  Jonathon Taylor (JPC 403)

7:30pm | RH 101 

  Ledger's Coffee
  Ray Dummar
(ART 424)

  Expressionismus: Die seelischen und korperlichen Nachwehen
  vom Ersten Weltkrieg

  Jordan Norquist (GER 397)

  The Evolution of the Multimedia Journalist: In-Depth Interviews of the
  Evolving Television and Print Industries in Alaska
  Ashley Snyder (HNRS 499)

  Revelations of an Alaska Native Kind 
  Maia Wen (PSY 190)

Friday, April 10

Student Leadership Conference Session Block schedule, all day in Rasmuson Hall

10:00am | RH 110 

  Peter the Parakeet and Mommy the Surgeon
  John Jaskoski
(ENGL 111)

  Purely Poe|try
  Kayleigh Brandt (ENGL 306)

  Iconic Defender?: Semiotic Marginalization in Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan
  Jason Collins (ENGL 476)

  Neuropsychological Testing in Indigenous Populations
  Steffi Kim (PSY 622)

10:30am | RH 101

  An Audio Essay on Perspectives of Climate Science & Environmental Policy
  (In Three Parts)

  Wolfgang Olsson
(ENGL 311)

  Pelevin, Pepsi, the Media, and Plato
  Christopher Baldwin (HIST 427)

  Colorism in Charles W. Chesnutt's 'The Wife of His Youth'
  Jacob Holley-Kline (ENGL 306)

  From Television to Tablet: A Survey of Parental Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding
  Children and Screen Time
  Carolyn Mariah Brashar (JPC 403)

12:00 - 1:30pm
Featured keynote speaker Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, President of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership Lifeways - Cuddy Hall. Free lunch for the first 75 registrants. Register Here

1:45pm | RH 101 

  The Frozen Side of Hell: How Promoters Brand Alaska As A Viable
  Metal Community
  Nicole Deren (JPC 403)

  Funding Our Space Program: The Value of NASA
  Kathryn DuFresne (ENGL 111)

  Neither Monk nor Holy Warrior: The Establishment and Composition of
  Monastic Armies in Medieval Japan
  Frazier Manfull (HIST 320)

  Social Graces of Partying
  Trina Musliu (ENGL 111)

2:15pm | RH 110 

  Victoria Maxim (ART 307)

  Should The US Congress Require Phone Carriers To Install "Kill Switches" In
  Smartphones To Reduce The Incidence Of   Theft?
  Whitney Grigsby (CIS 376)

  The Effect of English in Japaneses 'Visual Kei' lyrics
  Krystal Madison (ENGL 476)


What is Student Showcase?

The UAA Student Showcase Program highlights the extraordinary work of students throughout the University of Alaska Anchorage system.  Any best works created in Spring 2014 semester, Summer 2014 semester, Fall 2014 semester can be submitted.  For more policies and procedures about Student Showcase, please click here.

Each year Student Showcase creates an opportunity for dialogue among university and community members. Students submit their best work; an anonymous review is done by a faculty member of the submission discipline; highest marks are presented at the Conference; and distinguished community members are invited to the Conference to evaluate, critique, and comment on students' works.

Student Showcase Academic conference, Award Ceremony, and Journal publication celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014. The Conference still remains unique in the State of Alaska; only students present original papers and projects. The Student Showcase Committee reviews policies and procedures, promotional materials, and selected award winners.

Awards for top papers & projects included: publication in the 2015 Student Showcase Journal and a $300 cash prize.

For more information please call 786-1215 or e-mail us at: showcase@uaa.alaska.edu.

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