Meeting With An Advisor

In order to help you stay on track and keep you informed we recommend that students meet with an advisor at least once a semester.

Contact the School of Social Work
Phone(907) 786-6900

BSW Advising

To schedule a meeting with a BSW advisor please call our office. All of our BSW advisors are happy to meet with students for face-to-face meetings or ones over the phone. We welcome all current students and students that would like more information about our program.


MSW Advising

Current Students

If you are a current MSW student and would like to meet with your advisor you will need to contact them directly. If you do not have their contact information please visit our Faculty page or contact our office.

Prospective Students

Our MSW advisors also welcome students who are interested in our program as well. If you have questions about the MSW program or would just like to get more information please contact our office.