The UAA School of Social Work Field Education Pages


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These pages are designed to facilitate the field education experience for all those involved-- students, field instructors, agency supervisors, agency representatives, and faculty liaisons. It also provides useful information for prospective students and agencies/organizations. 

Field education at University of Alaska is organized and implemented as a partnership between the educational community and the practice community in training future social work practitioners. Within this partnership, there are three key people to the success of the field education experience: the student, field supervisor, and faculty liaison. First is the student, who possesses the willingness and desire to observe, learn, take action, and reflect. The student’s professional development is guided and nurtured by the field supervisor whose role as teacher is pivotal in the student’s evaluation of self as an emerging professional social worker. The faculty liaison’s role is to provide ongoing support and information to the student and the field supervisor.

Communication among all parties is critical in meeting the objectives of field education and maintaining a healthy partnership. Ongoing feedback is welcome from all parties.

Thank you for your interest in field education for social workers.

Useful information:
⇒ Placement Process - BSW
⇒ Placement Process - MSW
⇒ Placement Process - Agencies