What is the accreditation status of this program?

Program accreditation assures quality and transferability among graduate social work programs nationally. The UAA MSW program is accredited through the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the social work program accrediting body. UAA itself is fully accredited through the Commission on Colleges of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

When are classes in the program scheduled?

Classes required for the MSW are scheduled during the evening from 5:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Part-time students will attend one day per week. In addition, field education placement requires at least two days per week at the practicum site, typically between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Most classes meet once per week in three-hour time blocks.

How do I know if the distance-delivered MSW program is a good fit for me?

This is a very good question. You can determine if distance education is a good fit for you by taking the 5-minute assessment Is Online Learning for Me. You can also take the 10-minute Student Online Readiness Tool.


What undergraduate degree should I have?

The UAA MSW will admit applicants with a wide variety of undergraduate liberal arts foundations, including (but not limited to): BA/BS degrees in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, history, English, religion, communications, management and accounting, and degrees in education, nursing and social work. The course work required as prerequisites (applied statistics, human biology and life span human development) can be incorporated into any liberal arts degree.

What can I do to prepare myself for entry into this program?

Obtain a liberal arts baccalaureate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better. BSW Students seeking consideration for advanced placement need a minimum GPA of 3.5. Be sure that your undergraduate work includes course work in applied statistics, human biology and human development across the life span (grades in courses which satisfy these requirements must be "C" or better). Take every opportunity to improve your writing skills. Familiarize yourself with the social work profession and social services fields through employment or volunteer work.

If I’m accepted, what should I do next?

Stay in touch! We will have a considerable amount of information to provide newly admitted students concerning course registration, field education, student orientation, and other events. Students admitted to the full-time program will immediately need to complete and submit the application for field education. Students admitted to the part-time program must be particularly careful of enrollment dates and deadlines, as their program enrollment usually begins that summer. Let the MSW Admissions Manager know immediately in the event of any mailing address, email address, or phone number changes.

What do I do to get a field placement for my practicum?

Applicants admitted to the full-time MSW program are immediately sent the field education placement packet. The MSW Practicum Coordinator will use the information from the packet as well as an interview to begin the practicum placement process. Part-time program students begin field education during the second year of their programs. 

What should I do if I’m admitted but will not enroll?

Please notify the MSW Admissions Manager immediately, in writing. If a waitlist has been established, another applicant may be waiting to hear if a seat in the class is available.

What if I have other questions?

Please ask! We have tried to present answers to the most common questions; however, please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information.  If you wish to obtain an application, please keep in mind the application deadline and admission timelines. You may phone our office at 907-786-6900 or email us at uaa_socialwork@uaa.alaska.edu.

I have a BSW degree.  How will that affect my MSW program?

Applicants who have received a BSW degree from a CSWE-accredited program within the last five years may apply for advanced placement review. If granted, advanced placement may allow direct entrance into the beginning of the Concentration Year (second year) of the UAA MSW program. BSW graduates should be aware, however, that the BSW degree in itself is not a guarantee that the applicant will be granted advanced standing. Applicants interested in admission with advanced placement should carefully review the "Directions for Application" which accompanies the program application form. 

Will I have to come to the UAA Anchorage Campus?

All students are required to attend a mandatory MSW program orientation on the UAA Anchorage campus in August of their admission year, as well as periodic MSW program intensives on the UAA Anchorage campus


Can I complete the MSW distance courses at my own pace?

No, the MSW courses are not self-paced. Students must take required courses in a specific sequence. Although the MSW program is distance delivered, students and faculty are highly engaged in a community of collaborative learning. Most of the courses require students to attend regularly scheduled distance-delivered class sessions each week, which are typically scheduled in the afternoon and evening (from 2:30 –8:15 pm).


What will help my application succeed?

Take a professional approach to the application – remember that the committee will base its evaluation of the application upon what is submitted. Submit a complete application (read every word on the application and instructions; answer every question directly and thoroughly, supply all materials requested). Submit the application on or before January 15. Early applications are very welcome. Order transcripts from every institution of higher education attended; order them early and send them directly to the UAA School of Social Work. Carefully review all responses to questions and other written submissions for grammatical correctness and proper punctuation.

When will I learn whether I’ve been accepted?

The Admissions Committee begins screening applications as soon as possible after January 15. Applications must be entirely complete (including transcripts, which must have been received and processed) before they can be reviewed. Admission is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants will be notified in writing by March 15th. Formal notification from UAA Enrollment Services is typically received two to four weeks later.

When will I be assigned an advisor?

An advisor will be assigned by the School immediately after admission. In most cases the newly admitted student will be able to arrange an appointment with the advisor in person or over the phone right after receiving notification of admission. However, if the application review has been delayed past May 1 the assigned advisor may not be available, as most faculty are on nine-month contracts which end in mid-May. The MSW Program Coordinator will assist students during the summer, however, students should be prepared for appointments to take longer to arrange than during Fall or Spring semesters. The School offices are staffed and open during normal working hours and able to provide information.

What do I do if I can’t attend the year I’m admitted, but still want into the program?

Admission cannot be deferred. However, applicants who have been admitted but cannot attend may reapply for admission the following year through an abbreviated process. The School will retain the initial application materials for one year. Reapplication will require resubmission of the MSW Program application form and applicants will be allowed to update other materials as they wish. A new UAA Application for Graduate Studies must also be submitted, but transcripts on file do not need to be reordered. Taking advantage of this abbreviated process can only be done the year following initial admission and all supplemental and resubmitted documents must be received by January 15.