Research & Scholarship Opportunities at UAA

Students can apply for a number of internships, scholarships, competitions and grants while at UAA.

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Sociology Scholarships at UAA

UAA Eveline Schuster Memorial Award/Scholarship - to offer financial assistance to cover a student-designated sociology project to be conducted while the student is enrolled at UAA.
UAA Michael Baring-Gould Memorial Scholarship - to offer financial assistance for tuition and other educational expenses to full-time students who are formally admitted into an undergraduate social sciences program or enrolled in an interdisciplinary masters program which includes sociology as one of the disciplines.

University and College wide Opportunities

CAS Scholarships

General Scholarship List at UAA

Feminist Scholarship - to offer financial assistance for tuition and other educational expenses to female students who show a feminist perspective through their studies

First Fruits Scholarship for Working Students - to provide financial assistance for tuition and other educational expenses to students currently enrolled at the University of Alaska Anchorage who demonstrate financial need. Award amount is a minimum of four (4) scholarships at $1,000 per year.

Commit to Success Scholarship - to provide financial assistance for tuition and other educational expenses to a full-time student, who may otherwise not likely be able to obtain a four-year college degree during junior & senior years.

Bookstore Scholarship - to provide financial assistance for book expenses to students who demonstrate financial need.

Seawolf Opportunities Scholarship - for 1st generation college students, to provide financial assistance for tuition and other education expenses, including housing, licensed childcare and Wolfbucks, to degree-seeking students at the University of Alaska Anchorage or any of UAA's Community campuses.  It is a goal of this fund to provide scholarship assistance to these students from his/her freshman throughout their second year if they are associate degree students or through their senior years if they are baccalaureate degree students; therefore scholarship recipients must continue to meet the minimum qualifications throughout their degree program.  Provided the recipients remain eligible, the award will be renewed for up to four consecutive years.  

First Generation Student Scholarship - to provide scholarships to students who are the first in his/her family to complete a college education. Award amount is a minimum $2000 per academic year

Second Bridge Scholarship - to provide supplementary funding (such as travel or living expenses) to undergraduate degree-seeking students pursuing structured but non-traditional educational expenses. In particular, this scholarship fund will support student experiences in service-learning, especially when focused on international or domestic development efforts in sustainability and/or social justice. Students receiving funding will be expected to engage in educational outreach upon their return. Minimum annual award: $1,000

UAA Alumni Association Scholarship - awards six (6) $1000 scholarships each academic year to one student from each school or college at UAA, funds permitting.

Undergraduate Research Grants (two deadlines during Fall & Spring semesters) - to support undergraduate research and creative activity. The award funds the actual costs of the project up to $2,000 plus a $500 student stipend.

Undergraduate Research in the Community Award - support projects that actively involve and meet the needs of community partners. Your ultimate aim will be to define and address a pressing community problem; do intellectual work that produces a public good; or conduct artistic, critical, or historical work that contributes to a community-identified issue. Awards will fund up to $2,000 for project expenses plus a $500 stipend. Funds will be awarded to offset research costs such as analyses, supplies, equipment, software, surveys, and travel. The stipend will be awarded upon successful completion of the project.

ISER Policy Research Award - presented to outstanding students in the social sciences and other applicable fields interested in the analysis of public policy issues.  The selected student will contribute research and analysis skills to a study conducted at the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) and will be awarded a $1500 stipend.

Discovery Award - to recognize one UAA undergraduate student each year who exemplifies overall academic excellence that must include exceptional achievement in research or creative activities with a $2,000 cash prize.

Discovery Grants - to support the travel costs associated with ongoing undergraduate research and creative projects.  The funds may be used to present research findings at conferences or seminars, or to conduct travel necessary to complete the research for a project that requires additional funding above and beyond the current funding sources.

OURS Undergraduate Research & Discovery Symposium (April) - to celebrate undergraduate achievements throughout the university. The Symposium is an opportunity for students in all disciplines to present and display their research and creative work to the university and the community. Featured events include the Undergraduate Research Awards ceremony and project presentations, the Student Showcase academic conference and music gala, and the annual Juried Student Art Exhibit. The Symposium also features a keynote lecture by a distinguished researcher.  All students are invited to showcase their research at the Poster Fair. 

UAA Student Showcase (April) -  highlights the extraordinary work of students throughout the University of Alaska Anchorage system and creates an opportunity for dialogue among university and community members. Students submit their best work for evaluation by objective faculty members from their discipline; selected works are presented at the Conference; and distinguished community members are invited to the Conference to evaluate, critique, and comment on students' works. Awards for top papers & projects include publication in the 2005 Student Showcase Journal and a cash prize. 

Consortium Library Prize - for an exemplary undergraduate research project from any discipline which demonstrates evidence of significant scholarly investigation and utilization of library resources, print and archival as well as electronic. The selected student will be officially recognized university-wide and will be honored with a $500 award.

Fran Ulmer Transformative Research Award - to fund significant undergraduate research and creative projects in areas with the potential to transform the way we live, work, and see the world.  Broad topics of particular interest include Sustainability, Complexity, Climate Change, and Social and Public Policy.  Grants fund actual costs of a project up to $5000 plus a $1500 stipend. 

The Global Change Student Research Grant Competition - provides support to students for research related to global change with a focus on arctic and subarctic boreal regions (to include but not limited to North America). This competition is designed to give students experience with proposal writing and the peer review system as practiced by natural and social science funding agencies. We seek proposals involving the environmental, social or engineering components of global change (to include but not limited to climate change) and its effect upon arctic or subarctic processes, ecosystems, and/or societies. Students must place the proposed work in an interdisciplinary context by explaining its relevance to other academic disciplines and endeavors.

Parasca Science Research Award - supports a significant undergraduate research project in any area of science or social science. The award will fund up to $4000 for project expenses plus a $1000 student stipend. Funds will be awarded to offset research costs such as analyses, supplies, equipment, software, surveys, and/or travel.

SCUSA - to send student delegates to the prestigious Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA) at the Military Academy at West Point.

The Washington Center Internship - to participate in a semester-long academic internship in Washington, D.C. for credit. The fifteen-week program provides tailored internships that match the students’ academic, personal, and professional interests. Additional academic program components provide students with opportunities to interact with key government, private sector and nonprofit leaders; build their professional skills through workshops, seminars, and networking events; develop a sense of community commitment and civic engagement; and link classroom knowledge with first-hand work experience through the academic course. The partial scholarship covers some of the costs of The Washington Center program fee and some of the costs of Washington Center housing in furnished apartments located in the Washington metro area. Washington Center housing and student life services provide students comfort and security in Washington while away from home.

Behavioral Sciences Conference of the North (April) - Organized by UAA’s Department of Psychology, the Behavioral Sciences Conference of the North encourages student research activity and features contemporary research in the behavioral sciences. For the past 22 years, this conference has served as a liaison between UAA and the human services community and has provided continuing education to professionals and students through speakers, panel discussions and pre-convention workshops.

Opportunities: Scholarships, Fellowships and Research - a handbook to help undergraduate students navigate the process of applying for major scholarships and fellowships.  Contained within this handbook is important information on researching opportunities, application requirements, personal statements, letters of recommendation, interviews and much more. Hard copies are available at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship in RH 115.

National & International Scholarships

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