Secrets Under the Skin opened at the Bunnell Street Arts Center in Homer, Alaska April 29-May 4, 2011.


"Secrets"  is a powerful, innovative and deeply respectful exploration. Many viewers have been moved to tears. While perceived by some to be controversial, I appreciate how "Secrets" bravely embraces the cultural legacy of the transatlantic slave trade. I am reminded of the gifts that came with those who were stolen from Africa; I am reminded of the importance of collecting stories, of preserving the cultural record, of paying homage to cultural bearers -- who knows, someday maybe their ancestors will return to these stories and images for information that was lost over time. I am reminded that the arts heal -- that you can take life and land, and you can take dignity from people, but you cannot take their spirit. "Secrets" reinforce that the creative spark is as adaptable as a plant, determined to withstand deprivation, determined to germinate and blossom.

Asia Freeman, May 9, 2011


* Banner image photographed by Asia Freeman