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Progressive Media Alaska

Progressive Media Alaska, a local video and multi-media production company founded by a UAA Alumni in 2005, has worked with the University community (especially with the Department of Theatre and Dance) in many capacities over the last six years. Every project is unique and important to our team, but our experience working on Secrets Under the Skin has been, without question, the most elaborately beautiful and intricately evolving working process we have ever been invited to participate in. It has been a joy to facilitate the primary audio and video recording, editing, photography, and A/V installation and design needs of this project.  Thanks for watching.

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Project Director’s and Lead Investigator’s Statement

What you see captured on this page are the other various media documents that form the web of information concerning Secrets Under the Skin. It is because of Brandon McElroy and Progressive Media Alaska that a great deal of this material could be realized in a professional format. My own four Performance-Based Videos could not have found themselves in better hands (see Jill Flanders Crosby's page for links to these DVDs). Not only did Brandon assist with filming, but his careful, seamless and artful editing of my clip selections for my videos are what made each one them truly unique (see Progressive Media Alaska for a complete description of our working relationship).

In the field, Brandon's professionalism and organization was critical. He facilitated multiple aspects of this project including focused and thoughtful fieldwork shots, documentation of interviews, multi-channel audio recordings, and media facilitation for both the Fundación Ludwig as well as the Kimura Gallery openings (see the pages for the Fundación Ludwig and Kimura Gallery opening images and narrative). As part of his own on-going research inquiry, he provided additional considerations for the integrity of the overall project. He also took fieldwork material that I brought back to him and provided subtitles for all the Spanish and Ewe interviews. Please enjoy the additional material below.

Jill Flanders Crosby, Project Director and Lead Investigator

Brandon McElroy and Jill Flanders Crosby, Brian Jeffery Photography

The Traditional Arará Musicians from Perico, Cuba. 2010

When Secrets Under the Skin premiered at the Fundación Ludwig Gallery in Havana, Cuba, December 22, 2010, the Arará musicians from Perico were able to come and perform. Please enjoy.


Conversations with Religious Elders and Practitioners in Ghana and Togo, West Africa, 2010

In the summer of 2010, Jill Flanders Crosby carried 21 questions from Arará religious practitioners in the communities of Perico and Agramonte to Ewe religious elders and practitioners in the communities of Dzodze, Ghana and Adjodogou, Togo. All communities historically share an important deity known as Sakpata in the Ewe communities and known as San Lázaro in Perico and Agramonte. She also asked the Ghanaian interviewees to give messages back to the Cubans. This video is shown at the Secrets Under the Skin installation. See the Historical Information, The Ewe, Fon and Arará in Cuba page for more background on these cross Atlantic relationships.

Question and Answer Session by Melba Núñez Isalbe. 2010

On December 23, 2010, all the Secrets Under the Skin contributors provided a question and answer session held at Fundación Ludwig in Havana. This is Melba Núñez Isalbe's contribution.


Question and Answer Session by Roberto Pedroso García. 2010

On December 23, 2010, all the Secrets Under the Skin contributors provided a question and answer session held at Fundación Ludwig in Havana. This is Roberto Pedroso García's contribution.

Secrets Under the Skin Live Performance Show Edit, 2009.

This video presents the original choreography created by Jill Flanders Crosby as a work-in-progress performance piece in 2009. Sections of this original video version of this work-in-progress were integrated into the final four video works created by Jill Flanders Crosby, available to view on her page.


Secrets Under the Skin Live Performance Video Design. 2009

This video presents the video projection design that played over Jill Flanders Crosby's original Secrets Under the Skin work-in-progress performance piece in 2009. This video was cut from field footage shot by Flanders Crosby, some studio shooting by Brandon McElroy, and graphic design elements produced by Progressive Media Alaska.


This video highlights a Relevant Research lecture that Jill Flanders Crosby delivered at UAA in 2009 describing her research for Secrets Under the Skin and choreographed dance performances inspired by this work. Created by UAA's University Advancement to help share Dr. Flanders Crosby's work with a wider audience.