Welcome from the SSS Team!

Welcome UAA Community and Participating Student Support Services (SSS) Students!

Welcome to the Student Support Services (SSS) website! Our mission is to assist participating first-generation, Pell grant-eligible, and/or disabled students to persist and to graduate from UAA. We look forward with anticipation to serving UAA Student Support Sevices students as we continue in our 10th year on campus! In 2014-15, look for SSS to provide participating students with even more of the academic supports needed to propel them towards degree completion. We endeavor to provide SSS students with quality services at all times, to listen to their concerns, to assist in finding answers to their academic and campus questions, and to respect the sacrifice they make to pursue higher education at UAA. We offer several services geared towards this end. The team at SSS works in collaboration with other UAA staff, faculty, and administrators to aid in forming a united front in support of our overarching goal: the increased retention and graduation of our students. We look forward to continued work with our students and to building more collaborative partnerships with university faculty and staff in 2014-15. Again, welcome!
 Photo of Dr. Kim Patterson Dr. Kim Patterson is the Director of Student Support Services (SSS). He is an avid fan of student learning and higher education. Kim (Dr. "P" as many students call him) helps to instruct and mentor students through the college experience while promoting the contribution of SSS on the UAA campus. Among his greatest passions is to see students succeed, who have believed that they could not.
Catherine or "Cat" is the Office Manager for Student Support Services. She is a lifelong Alaskan who enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. In addition to helping manage the SSS program budget, Cat helps field student questions, supervise peer mentors and professional tutors, and assists students with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid process.
 20110829_00153_Karpilo_Ron Connie Carlisle is the Student Support Coordinator for Student Support Services and assists students with advising, course selection, academic skill development, locating tutoring on campus, locating sources of financial aid, and navigating common university processes towards degree completion..