The University of Alaska Anchorage is proud to be a Campus Labs campus. Campus Labs provides campuses tools to be successful in achieving comprehensive and coordinated campus-wide assessment practices that inform decision-making and unify the campus. UAA subscribes to three Campus Labs products:

Compliance Assist
Collegiate Link

For information on new user accounts and usage policies, please see the Campus Labs Authorized User Guidelines.


Baseline (formerly called StudentVoice) enables UAA to measure learning, document student involvement, and inform strategic directions. Through sophisticated assessment and reporting tools, divisions and departments can collect direct and indirect measures of learning, benchmark with peers, and use assessment results to improve programs and services. Baseline allows student affairs professionals to:

  • Collect data for assessment activities in a centralized and accessible platform;

  • Gather and report data that provides direct measures of student learning;

  • Assess learning and development with rubrics and standardized measures;

  • Create dashboards that show progress over time and document key performance indicators;

  • Benchmark with peer institutions and participate in national studies;

  • Utilize handheld mobile technology to college data.

UAA also has a dedicated Campus Labs Assessment Consultant. They can be contacted with questions regarding best practices, survey development, specific projects, or user training.

Campus Labs Assessment Consultants

Ph. 716.270.0000


For webinar trainings on how to utilize Campus Labs products, please visit the Campus Labs Training Website.

 Compliance Assist

Compliance Assist is the reporting and planning platform used by Student Affairs at the University of Alaska Anchorage. This platform is utilized to submit annual reports, document learning outcomes, plan assessment activities, track progress on department priorities, submit Pre-Proposals and Initiative Proposals, and more!

 Collegiate Link (UAA Life)

CollegiateLink (UAA Life) provides the tools for managing student organizations and encouraging growth and development as students engage in co-curricular activities. UAA Life allows students to browse opportunities for involvement, join an organization, communicate with group leaders and other group members, track community service hours, and document involvement with a Co-Curricular Transcript. This platform assists student affairs professionals in tracking levels of student involvement, managing events, facilitating group registration, measuring student learning outcomes, and promoting meaningful co-curricular activities.