Student Affairs (SA) has been building capacity and developing a culture of evidence since 2011. The Coordinator of SA Research, Assessment and Staff Development and the SA Data Analyst provide assistance with departmental and divisional assessment efforts to strengthen student learning, development and success. These positions support an environment for evidence-based decision-making across SA through organized research and assessment initiatives and the mining and analysis of institution and student performance data to connect with program, department, and activity outcomes.

The Student Affairs Assessment Team (A-Team), chaired by the Coordinator of SA Research, Assessment and Staff Development, is a key driver to support and advance assessment practices within each SA division. The A-Team provides leadership and expertise to departments to promote a culture of evidence and support quality assessment activities for the improvement of programs and services.

The contents of this site illustrate Student Affairs’ commitment to continuous improvement, quality assessment practices, and intentional focus on student learning and success. The pages within include information about the A-Team, annual assessment reports for each department, key findings of major assessment activities, training resources, and links to Campus Labs tools.


UAA Student Affairs Strategic Planning & Assessment: FY11 - FY14

Clarifying our overall purpose and desired results, and how those results will be achieved.


Introduce assessment, outcomes, core themes, & CAS Standards


Develop Core Themes

Solicit Opportunities

Set Priorities

Implement Opportunities

Conduct CAS Self-Assessments

Establish Performance Indicators & Data Points


Solicit & Implement Opportunities

Implement Program Enhancements

Report on Performance Indicators & Data Points

Define Program & Student Learning Outcomes


Solicit, Implement, & Assess Opportunities

Assess Program Enhancements

Report & Assess Performance Indicators & Data Points

Assess Program & Student Learning Outcomes

Click here for a printable PDF of the SA Strategic Planning & Assessment: FY11 - FY14 chart.

Share Your Assessment Efforts

Have you conducted a student survey or focus group? Tracked usage or attendance data? Measured learning outcomes? 

Share your assessment efforts within Student Affairs and be featured in the monthly A-Team update! To fuel our culture of evidence, the monthly A-Team update will now showcase the important assessment work you do, as well as highlight key findings! Please contact Whitney Brown, Coordinator of Student Affairs Research, Assessment and Staff Development for details.