The SAAT Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator is the in-house design resource for departments and offices within Student Affairs. Services include creative design, photography, and quote/ordering facilitation. Project timelines can range from a few days to a few months, depending on the scope and complexity of the request. Printing adds additional time to the length of projects (remember this when planning your due date and schedule accordingly). For more information, or to submit a project or photography request, contact the Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator, Liz Shine, at or 907.786.1365.

Design and photography services are only available to Student Affairs staff/departments. For graphic design needs outside of the scope of Student Affairs, please see the GSS Copy & Print Center on campus.


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Creative Design Requests: Download the Creative/Marketing Request

Each item on the request form is explained in greater detail - click the following to read more about each item.

Ads Brochures Logos Rack Cards
Banners Cards/Postcards Posters Web/Digital Graphics
Booklets Flyers/One-Pagers Promotional Items Custom Projects

Photography Requests: Download the Photography Request

Student Affairs divisions/departments/programs can request photography services from the Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator. There are a limited number of hours available per month, and 2-3 weeks advance notice is required (not all requests can be filled, especially those on weekends or past 5pm on weekdays – requests will be honored on a case-by-case basis). View the Photography Request form for more details.

If your requested date/time isn’t available you are welcome to fill out a UAA Photographer appointment request with UAA Advancement or request the use of the loaner camera from the Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator (email

Visit the UAA Student Affairs flickr to see photographs of past events.

Creative Design Details


Ad creation for both UAA and non-UAA publications.
Most common publications:

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Banner design for hanging/wall or standing display.
Popular banner stand vendors:

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Booklet layout/design.
Binding considerations for your project:

  • Saddle Stitch Bind – Used for small books with lower page counts and stapled in the gutter/spine (learn more here), page counts must be in a multiple of 4 for this binding option
  • Coil/Spiral Binding – Generally a plastic coil or wire, this is an affordable and common binding method (learn more here)
  • Perfect Bind – This is a common bind like what you would find on a bookstore shelf and is bound together with adhesive at the spine (learn more here)
  • 3-Ring Bind – Useful for work-books where hole-punched pages will be added/subtracted to a general 3-ring binder
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Brochures formatted for either professional or in-office printing.

The difference between formatting for professional vs. in-office printing is very important to the finished brochure, and should be noted in your request:

  • In-Office – graphics/color can’t go to the edge of the piece so white margins will display around the edge of the piece
  • Professional Printing – graphics/color can go to the edge with no white margin (a printer will print the brochure on slightly larger paper and then cut down to the correct size and score and fold the final piece)
Common brochure fold types:
  • Half Fold – Folded down the middle like a greeting card
  • Tri-Fold – Also known as a letter fold, can be either letter fold out, letter fold in, or z-fold (learn more here)
  • Other Common Folds – Gate fold, double parallel, accordion and right angle fold
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Designed for use with envelopes or as postcard mailers.

If you’re planning on doing a mail out campaign you can always contact UAA GSS Seawolf Postal Express for more information (visit their mailing tips page).

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Single or double-sided designs.

This category encompasses a number of design possibilities including flyers to advertise events/services, informational one-pagers or packets, newsletters, and other imaginative pieces.

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This option is for event/program (non-departmental) logos, other logo requests should go through UAA Advancement.

Take a look at pages 17-18 of the UAA Brand Book for more information on logos, and see below for a short list of guidelines your requested logo will need to adhere to:

  • Using UAA Logos – None of the UAA logos or wordmarks (this includes ‘University of Alaska Anchorage’ written out in its official typeface, UAA with swoosh logos, or UAA seal) are to be used inside of, or as part of your logo.
  • Seawolf – The UAA Seawolf is not to be used as part of a logo or mixed with other graphics and should not be used without the express permission of UAA Athletics (if you obtain permission to use the Seawolf logo, for any reason, from UAA Athletics, there are additional guidelines to follow for its official use).
  • Modifying Logos – Logos from UAA partners and programs are not to be altered beyond what their branding guidelines state (this means if your department uses a testing software and you want to brand it for use on the UAA campus, that’s not acceptable unless you’ve obtained written permission from that company or they have allowances for such changes in their brand guidelines or license agreement).
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Poster designs can range from standard size 11 x 17 inches to large format pieces like 24 x 36 inches. See Creative Design Request Form for common sizes.

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Promotional Items

Promotional items are pieces with useful information (generally a logo, department or program name, web address, phone number, email etc.) or inspirational messages (like ‘Congratulations Class of 2015’) that you intend to give away in a promotional effort.

Commonly requested items include: pens, apparel (like t-shirts, gloves, and hats), stickers, key chains, water bottles and more. Contact the Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator for vendor options. Contact the Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator for vendor options.

A note on sustainable choices: make the most out of your promotion by being mindful of your selection. Select items that are made of recycled plastic, paper or fiber. If that’s not an option, consider choosing items that promote sustainability like reusable cutlery sets, water bottles, bags and more.

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Rack Cards

A common way to get out information in a single or double-sided 4 x 9 inch format. Called a rack card because they fit in common size brochure racks.

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Web/Digital Graphics

This option has a lot of applications including online ads, web page graphics, ads for digital on-campus TV or computer screens, email graphics, ads for large screen display at sporting events and more.

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Custom Projects

This section is for special projects not usually requested (examples of past projects include: name tags, kiosk wrap, welcome mats, custom bulletin board design, pennants, tablecloths/runners and more.

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