What is MAP-Works?

This page will soon be transferred to the MAP-Works page at www.uaa.alaska.edu/saat/programs/map-works.cfm - check there for even more information.

MAP(Making Achievement Possible)-Works is a student success and retention tool linking students with the individualized resources they need, when they need them. By taking just two surveys per semester, MAP-Works @ UAA can assist first and second year students in getting connected to useful resources on campus.

MAP-Works @ UAA strives to: 

  • Improve students ability to academically succeed in college
  • Increase students chances of successfully graduating 
  • Introduce students to peers, faculty and staff who can assist students transition to college life
  • Connect students to the amazing resources available to them across campus 

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   Molly Orheim, M.Ed.
   Student Retention & MAP-Works Coordinator 
   Office: 907.786.6496

Mapworks Survey Information--NEXT SURVEY Begins April 5th


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