Student Employment

UAA student employment positions are intended to offer convenient, on-campus employment opportunities to as many UAA students as possible. These positions are intended to be part-time and temporary, supplementing other sources of students’ financial support and promoting academic and career development, whenever possible.

In order to fulfill these intentions, the UAA Student Employment Guidelines and Procedures is provided and enforced as the standard practice for student employment. To request approval for an exception to these guidelines, please complete the Student Employment Waiver Form.

Student Affairs Operating Guidelines

For management action items requiring executive-level review and approval, see the Student Affairs Operating Guidelines.


Serving Beer or Wine

In order to serve beer or wine at a UAA event, the event organizer must submit for approval a Request to Serve Beer or Wine to the Dean of Students. Refer to the request document for full policies, guidelines, and instructions.


Advancing Staff Excellence

For professional development resources and opportunities, see the Advancing Staff Excellence page.