Student Affairs Mission Statement

Together we provide an environment for our diverse student population to reach their greatest potential through inspiration, accessibility, and support.

The Office of Student Affairs developed this mission in the spring of 2007 during a day-long process that included 130 UAA Student Affairs employees. It succinctly outlines what the many offices and departments of Student Affairs strive to provide for UAA students.

Vision Statement

As we move into the future, Student Affairs will fulfill our mission through a variety of means. We champion the following VISION STATEMENT

We will:

  • take pride in our traditions, create new ones, and establish a sense of belonging within our community; 
  • identify and establish collaborative partnerships;
  • strengthen and enhancing our outreach efforts and promoting a seamless transition in to and out of the university; 
  • embrace effective and inclusive uses of technology to ensure access, simplification of processes, and enhanced services for students and staff; 
  • invest in people through training, support, recognition, and increased staffing as needed; seek innovative ways to use and improve our existing facilities; 
  • and be an active voice to promote the health, safety, and recreational facilities needed by our growing population.
Student Affairs Core Themes 2011

Student Affairs Values

In order to achieve its mission and vision, Student Affair employees embrace the following VALUES:

Excellence: Quality service through dedication, accuracy, and on-going assessment to provide the best opportunities and outcomes for students.

Accountability: Establishing and completing goals, measuring outcomes, and serving as a model of responsibility for our community.
Respect: Being open to other people’s values by listening, caring, and interacting with everyone in an equitable, open, and honest manner.
Health & Wellness: Through the development of body, mind, and spirit by stimulating growth, offering compassionate support and healing activities to help individuals find their optimal balance. 
Integrity: Accountable for decisions and actions, which are transparent, honest, and consistent.
Commitment: Demonstrated by a responsive approach to student success, dedicated service, and hard work.
Compassion: Provide a welcoming, empathetic environment, kindness, concern, and encouragement to all members of our community.
Collaboration: Growth and success stems from open communication, inviting input, and seeking opportunities to work with Student Affairs, UAA, and the broader community.
Inclusion: Involve, appreciate, and respect people with a wide range of differences and similarities.
Growth & Learning: Providing opportunities to explore and experience lifelong learning.

Student Affairs Core Themes

  • Student Learning & Success: Promote scholarship, engagement, and leadership; foster a sense of belonging; and recognize the achievements of our diverse and multicultural student body.
  • Student Centeredness: Develop and deliver collaborative programs and services to meet needs and interests identified by UAA's diverse and multicultural student body, which improve access, retention, engagement, persistence and completion.
  • Advance the Profession: Encourage professional growth and excellence by developing and retaining our talented staff and faculty and recruiting diverse and well qualified professionals
  • University and Community Partnerships: Foster partnerships that advance the goals of students, staff, and faculty, the university and our communities.
  • Student, Staff, & Faculty Well-Being: Enrich intellectual, physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual and social growth and wellness of students, staff, and faculty.