Question for Betty.
My boyfriend of 7 years says that recently he's been feeling very empty, on a more personal level.  He loves me and wants to be with me but feels like he knew what he wanted in life and now is feeling confused and lonely.  He says he's in love with me and doesn't want to break up but also feels like he will hurt me in the long run if this "empty feeling" doesn't go away.  

Should I break up with him to give him space and save myself from future heart break if there's a chance it'll happen, or should I be there for him and take the risk he may push me away?

Betty's Answer.
My immediate concern with your question is that your boyfriend may be experiencing mental health problems that need evaluation by a professional. Empty, confused and lonely, may be a signs of a mental or physical health problem.  He needs help with his "empty feeling" at this time. This is a problem that may be very treatable.
Encourage him to see his health care provider for an evaluation and referral if needed for counseling.

As for your question on whether you should break up at this time.  You have both invested 7 years in this relationship and you would be a better judge of whether this relationship is worth continuing.  It may be prudent to take a look at your relationship after he gets the mental and physical health evaluation he needs.