Question for Betty.

I am a nursing student, and am currently waiting to get into the BS program.  I was wondering about post-graduate education to become an ANP.  How long does it take? How much money do they typically start off with?  Can you work in hospitals and private practice?  How long does it take to transition between a RN to an ANP?  Thanks!!!

Betty's Answer.

Dear Prospective ANP,

Great questions.  You sound like an ambitious student, planning ahead for your future. 

Postgraduate education for ANPs involves from 2 to 4 years or more to obtain masters to doctorate degrees.  ANPs work for the State of Alaska, in private practice and in a variety of specialties and settings.  Beginning salaries in Alaska are similar to RN salaries, or sometimes higher.  The median expected salary for a typical ANP in the United States is $81,524, according to CNNmoney website.  I recommend working as an RN prior to returning for a postgraduate degree, to see if you like the health care profession. For further information contact the Alaska Nurse Practitioners website at

Good luck in your Nursing Career!