Question for Betty.
Yesterday I found out that I might have a different biological father.  I never thought about this happening to me.  Is there a support group I can see about the emotional stress and sadness I have?
Betty's Answer.
I am unaware of any support groups in Anchorage that would be helpful, but surely having a counselor to discuss this with may be helpful in working through the range of feelings that may be present for you.  Disenfranchised grief is a type of grief that may not be readily recognized by others.  When one is experiencing a significant loss, but it is not easily understood as grief by those around you, the sadness and sense of isolation may be compounded.  Maybe you have a good friend or family member with whom you can process your thoughts and feelings.  But if you feel like you would like some support outside your normal circle of friends and family, stop by or call the Student Health and Counseling Center to schedule an appointment with a counselor.