Question for Betty.

Is there a place on campus to get divorce/custody assistance on campus for a current full time student?  Is there somewhere on campus to help deal with personal crisis such as sudden homelessness and loss of finances?

Betty's Answer.

There is help available.  First of all check out the 2011/2012 Fact Finder Student Handbook and Planner, available at the Dean of Students Office in the Student Union. This book includes the following information.

Legal Services:  The student government, USUAA provides discounted legal services for all currently enrolled UAA students who have paid the USUAA student fee and have a current WOLFcard.  A licensed attorney will advise students with legal problems.  Students may schedule a 20 minute appointment for a $10 fee.  Restrictions apply.  Please contact the USUAA Administrative Assistant at 786-1203 to schedule an appointment.

Counseling:  Call for an appointment with the Student Health and Counseling Center at 786-4040, or the Psychological Services Center at 786-1795, in the Social Sciences Building 225, website:

These are all helpful resources.