Question for Betty.

I have been previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I had counseling all through my childhood but when I turned 18 my Medicaid ran out.  I have been suffering from intense mood swings, including manic fits of aggression and lash outs and then ending with a day full of this deep, depressed feeling that I can't shake off.  Even when I'm doing it, and I know I'm doing it, I can't stop.  I feel so fed up with myself and I keep just wanting to run away from it all but I don't even know how I could accomplish that.  Is there counseling through UAA that I could go through that can re-prescribe my medication, and does it provide regular counseling sessions?  I just hate my actions right now. . . I feel so out of control.

Betty's Answer.

Congratulations for seeking help!  My first question is, are you safe at this time?  If you feel like you are a threat to harm yourself or others, please seek help immediately.  The Providence Psychiatric Emergency Department is available at 3200 Providence Drive in Anchorage; the phone number is 562-2211. 

If you are safe at this time, and you are an eligible student, you may call the Student Health and Counseling Center to set up a screening appointment; the number is 786-4040.

Other community services with counseling and medication management include:

Anchorage Community Mental Health at 563-1000; located at 4020 Folker St., Anchorage

Providence Alaska Family Practice Center at 562-9229; located at 1201 East 36th St., Anchorage

Anchorage Neighborhood Mental Health Center at 257-4600; located at 1217 East 10th Ave., Anchorage

Southcentral Foundation Fireweed Behavioral Health Clinic at 729-2500; located at 4341 Tudor Center Dr., Anchorage

As you know, Bipolar disorder is very treatable.  I encourage you to seek attention at one of the above agencies, or at the UAA Student Health and Counseling.