Question for Betty.

I've struggled with major depressive disorder for my entire adult life and have recently found myself in the midst of another episode.  In the past, when some major life event has triggered a depression, I have found some relief from seeking therapy.  However, this time, nothing seems to have triggered it.  Nothing major (or minor really) has happened or changed, and I have nothing specific to talk to a therapist about.  Would seeking therapy even be beneficial; or at this point should I just stick to my meds and ride it out?  What would I talk about?  My therapy sessions have always been focused on a problem that needed solving.  What now?


Betty's Answer.

Thank you for your excellent question and efforts to care for yourself.  Depression and depressive symptoms can be triggered by situations, or related to biological processes, or can be both situational and biological combined.  Regardless of the origin of depressive symptoms, self-care focusing on wellness is very important.  Often times a therapist can support an individuals efforts to address self-care (diet, exercise, sleep).  Lastly, you mentioned you are taking a medication.  It is most important at this time to talk with your prescriber regarding your symptoms. They will be eager to discuss your situation with you and join you in seeking solutions. Congratulations on identifying your change in mood and seeking help at this time.