Question for Betty.

I've been suffering from anxiety for well over a year now and went to a therapist over the summer, but when I moved on campus the commute made going to appointments impossible so I just stopped going once the school year started.  I got by with self help for the first semester despite the stress but since this semester started I've been crying a lot more lately and I'm pretty sure I've been depressed for a long while without really noticing.  It just seems like I've veen deteriorating by the day for the past week now.  I desperately want to get help, but, every time I sit down to make the phone call my anxiety peaks through the roof and I just can't dial the number.  I'm really not sure what to do at this point, to get help FOR my problem I have to overcome it first and I'm just stuck.

Betty's Answer.


There is help available. If you are in a resident hall, ask a roomate, a peer mentor or a RA for help. There is also a Resident Coordinator available in the lobby of each Residence Hall, ask them for help, immediately. The Residence Life office is also open for help; you can contact them directly at, with details on your name and location.  They will contact the Student Health and Counseling Center for you and get you help at this time.

Take care of yourself, and contact someone immediately.